March 2022 Event Calendar


The March Event Calendar is here, a little late (like the update) but still here. With this month’s model, we decided to change things up a bit. Please refer to the colour legend below if you have questions.

Blue - Blitz/Alliance Blitz

Red - PvP

Orange - Raid

Green - Bounty

Black - Season

Solo Blitz
15 - 17 Mar
18 - 21 Mar
24 - 31 Mar
29 - 31 Mar PvP Blitz

Alliance Blitz
11 - 14 Mar
25 - 28 Mar

Co-op Blitz

22 - 24 Mar

Solo Raid
14 - 18 Mar
17 - 24 Mar Urgent Mission: Spewage
28 Mar - 01 Apr

Co-op Raid
12 - 25 Mar
17 - 24 Mar Chemical Reaction
21 - 25 Mar
25 Mar- 08 Apr

PvP: Tournaments and Brawls
11 - 14 Mar
17 - 19 Mar
21 - 22 Mar Brawl: Elemental Wars
22 - 24 Mar Tournament
25 - 28 Mar Brawl: Faction Fight (Morlocks)
29 - 31 Mar

18 - 21 Mar

Season 36
14 - 31 Mar

Daily Raids


  • Tuesday
  • Friday
  • Sunday


  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Wednesday


  • Monday
  • Thursday
  • Sunday


  • Saturday
  • Sunday

yo, why is the green dot which represents bounty is on 22nd march too.
also the calendar sucks, way to hard to understand and there is no need for the black dot, no one cares about that
it needs some proof reading
why is there pvp event in feb

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This is a fail. Pls fix.
Hire a mod to do your calendar. I shouldnt need to refer to a legend below to know what each dot means. Look back at old calendars that were much easier to consume.

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This is actually a very neat and clean way to represent the calendar. It is first time to see this format, so the community will get used to it.
Although, I would like if I got a braille version of this cuz,I just realized that I can’t see the Yellow colour.

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Hello DECA.
Please don’t misunderstand… I miss the big change with the big update you announced.
It feels like „same procedure as every month“ and the big difference was the time until the new update came.


Where’s the something new which caused the delay?


I answered this on your ‘what’s new’ post. Hope it answers it

I like the calendar itself. As it is very clear what takes play at which times. But i do honestly think that having everything in one screen is better. And not to refer to the dots below to see what is what

Please excuse bros, but what the calendar looks like doesn’t matter. The calendar does not make the game.

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Well. Having it easier to read is an improvement overall. A suggestion won’t hurt. And generally speaking i already see a lot of people agree with me

If it makes you happy to read the same thing from left to right or top to bottom, I’m happy for you. I simply hoped after the many promises and announcements that real changes would come. The discussion about the calendar amuses me honestly not very much and without wanting to offend you has for me not really something to do with the game. Therefore, I’m happy to leave this matter to others.


90s called, they wanted their calendar back!

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Poorly thought out calendar and badly constructed. You do realize some men are colorblind and can’t tell the difference between reds and greens, right? @DECA

Having to scroll up and down just to see what the legend refers to was tedious. Bring the old calendar format back. Don’t understand why people feel the need to revise something that doesn’t need it.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”


If you are not giving any new events then why did you cut off some of the old events… Usually there were two bounties per month and this time its only one… Why is that…


Bounty will probably start on april 1st. Consequence of that 1 month break

Go back to the old calendar format. So much easier to understand and read. I work in the construction industry and it’s frustrating AF when you have to go back and forth to looking at a drawing and then checking another document to read the notes. In my line of work KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) is the way to go!

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This post was deleted by me and replaced in another topic

Thank you BloodFest. I‘ll replace my post.

The delay was caused because we encountered a lot more blockers than we first anticipated. Which should not happen a second time.