How do you spend your alliance points?

They’re quite hard to come by being the newest type of currency. I have saved like 15k or so and I’m hoping to farm ahead.

What are the strategic purchases in alliance store? Should I focus on plat parts? Or get unfarmable frags?

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Just get the rare hero fragments like kunoichi or something you can’t get easily on hero crate or PvP store :thinking::grin:

Silver fuel cells, throwing stars (gold), and throwing daggers (gold)

Im not sure on the tone of the first reply, is it ok to get frags? Or better to purchase plat materials early?

Its absolutely okay if you want to add hero on your roster , especially free 2 play like me, for example I always can’t get Savage in hero crate, but because alliance store have Savage’s fragments I can easily buy them until complete, and Bam! I got Savage! That’s the alternative way to get heroes! But I only buy 3 stars heroes fragments because it’s easy to get them than 5 or 7 stars heroes :blush:

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Yeah, I buy the top left corner hero frags (1x for 300 shards) each reset, no matter who it is, cuz thats a good deal no matter what… and I’ll buy the bottom left corner hero frags only if its a hero that I don’t have, or that’s worth it (such as prophet/artemis) since the bottom left are more expensive (3x for 600 shards ea.).

I’ll also buy some silver/gold items if I’m in need, but for the most part just stick with the hero frags.