The Unforgiving Demand of 5* Heroes

Many people know that there has been a full transition from the old 3* heroes to the new system of 5* heroes. There’s a lot of things I’ve noticed about the new system, and how challenging it is to obtain the new monthly heroes via grinding it out. However, there is a negative trend which seems to be repeating itself over and over. Let me break it down for you.

I often play the game for an hour or so every day, doing all the challenges and getting the new hero frags as much as possible. However, a problem I’ve encountered is that no matter how much time is spend trying to obtain that hero, they can’t be unlocked unless trades are completed every single day, without fail. However, that doesn’t usually happen, so the next hero rolls around, and I can no longer grind out frags for that hero.

I recall the developers wanting to balance out the benefit of those that grind vs. those that pay. The reality is, the new 5* heroes demand so much in the form of grinding, that it was never a balanced system to begin with.

Simply put, new heroes are too challenging to obtain via grinding in the given allotment of time, as too much benefit is given to those who pay to get the hero. If I could still get Alvarez frags, I would, considering I presently do not own him. But I can’t, so all that work I put into trying to get him falls short.

In short, one of two things need to happen. Either more frags need to be rewarded for co-ops, or more time/opportunities should be given to obtain the heroes we wanted to get. Doing every trade, every day, is not realistic for those who actually have life responsibilities.

Am I asking for easily obtained heroes? No. I’m asking for realistically obtained heroes. So, if grinding and buying the hero are equal paths, as the devs have inferred in the past, then this should be subject to some tweaking.

Just some feedback from your friendly (yet frustrated) Community Bro.


The current 5 star new heroes does put a significant barrier for newer players because there’s no way of grinding/trading coops to get to 165 if you’re only accruing 5ish frags a day if you’re doing co-ops below 90.


Rare behind-the-scenes footage of HHG reading this post


I always knew you held the devs in high regard @Papa_Marsh :joy:

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Am I mistaken, or wasn’t there a time when you could use “Universal Fragments” on heroes you hadn’t unlocked yet? Which makes sense because Universal Fragments are like 3x more expensive than regular ones in heronium. If so, what was wrong with that? Bring that back.

As an aside, does anyone buy Universal Fragments with Heronium anyway? It takes like 9,000 heronium to buy out all the regular frags, and if I earn more than 9k in a day, I spend it on platinum gear. Seems the above would fix both problems.

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That was never a thing. So we can’t bring it back.

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Yeah, it would be a terrible thing, it would make it easy to get any 7* hero like Kurtz

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Too easy? Universal fragments are quite expensive.

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Still a terrible idea

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I recommended this game to two friends of mine because of how f2p friendly it was as long as you actively played. This was back when Spotlight heroes were 3 stars and easier to obtain via grinding through co-op. Both friends still play currently but haven’t gotten any of the Spotlight heroes since Shivs. I actually feel bad for getting them into this game now, when they aren’t able to grow as effectively as they could have before.


Yeah, honestly, I’m still really in love with the potential of a lot of aspects of this game (which is why I’m still lurking the forums even after I’ve uninstalled the game), but the way the game forces you to constantly play to stay on top of frag unlocks and new skins (all of which are now exclusive and can only be unlocked for a short while?) is just exhausting.

The hero balance could probably be better as well. Try 4-CEP at platinum as your third rearline hero if you haven’t yet - it bumps him to midline and if you pilot him from there he’s an absolute terror.


I would prefer the new heroes to be 3 star, easier to obtain and you can get the to 5 stars easily with fragments anyway. If HH wanted to release new seven or five star heroes might I suggest also releasing a 3 star? Heck, maybe even release a 2 or 1 star hero. They’ve done something like this before with Oracle and Sapphyr. If HH can’t release that amount of heroes then I wouldn’t mind not having a new hero, but improvements on existing heroes or tje game instead.


That was never a thing, you could only use it on unlocked heroes

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Just let me buy frags to finish unlocking the champ. The rng of the boxes sucks when i only need 10 frags to unlock em

My guess is, each new hero will be a 5 star. They have already laid the path for this… we can obatain 15 frags a day. 3 star hero’s would be unlocked in like 4 days. :joy:. This won’t happen. So don’t expect to see anymore 3 stars. ‘5 is the new 3’.

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Another great response from the devs.

I’ve never had an issue with universal frags not being used to unlock new heroes. I think that restriction is okay. I just find it annoying that certain heroes can no longer be “worked” on when a new hero takes the spotlight. For example, Alvarez is one hero I hope to obtain. When 4-cep was released, however, that cut off the window to get Alvarez via grinding. Just wish that window could be extended in some way.


Well…it seems as though there are players (at least 4 here so far) who are unhappy about this, and are tired-of-it/possibly-quitting-the-game, so maybe the developers should listen to their audience.

My suggestion to use universal frags to unlock does not make it “too easy” to unlock people. And even if it did, you could just scale the Heronium cost of Universal Frags until it’s not “too easy”** (there is also a limit on Universal Frags you can buy per day (12), AND that limit could be increased or decreased by the developers). Already, you’d basically be getting one frag for unlocking purposes for every 4 frags you earned the normal way. So if you put all your energy and resources into unlocking a specific hero, you would still unlock him 4x slower than you could level an existing hero doing the same thing. So it’s not like they’d be giving the heroes away for nothing.

If the thought of much more people having Kurtz is such a bad thing and ruins the game, then probably Kurtz should be nerfed. There shouldn’t be heroes that are so OP that their ubiquity ruins the game and makes it not-fun/boring for people. I don’t actually believe lots more people having Kurtz is bad as Yosai suggested, but if it is, why is that?

I can’t help but believe the objecting parties are just people who have Kurtz, and don’t want others to have him as well, because they know he’s OP, and don’t want a more level playing field. Why else would anyone object to more heroes being available to more players?

Yeah you’re pretty screwed if you aren’t level 90 and getting at least a trade everyday. So overall the 5 star heroes is punishing to new heroes. I definitely would have quit if I hadn’t started playing a year and a half ago. Kind of feel bad for the new players and overall for all of us as a community will be dragged down since players are dropping the game from lack of fun new content from devs and new players don’t stick around too long. I give this game maybe another year unless there’s some major changes.

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even if you arent 90, you can still get a decent amount via 85+. just get yourself an active alliance. One that will help you and give back trades. if not, try your luck in chat for a trade.