Is there an explanation for this devs?

This is a horrible Match-making. Only thing I can recommend to you is to be as balanced as possible. A little difficult with heroes of diffrent power but still try to be as balanced as possible , hopefully then you won’t get such matchups. But my luck has been similar to yours , so I prefer PVP over Co-op PVP for now .

6k difference between you and your partner’s highest and lowest Heroes puts you in the “other” pool.

And like I’ve said before in the dozen other dupe topics: we seek to find you the best available match. That doesn’t mean a perfect match is always available. We’re actively looking into edge cases to determine where improvements can be made. Thanks.


This topic has been posted multiple times, just send a ticket as it’s faster and more efficient for the next time you encounter such things


This was me against prime lol, sorry mate.

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Even with balanced teams we get paired with Unfair opponents. I am not saying it happens always or I am always a victim of Unfair Opponent , sometimes I am myself become a Unfair match-up for my low power opponent. It is a bit dicey , you never what match-up you will get …

All good man, not your fault :slight_smile:

My contribution . Lol :wink::grin:

I kept quite a few of these Just for good laugh :smile:

I dont mind ironing out bugs, but trying to top out in the blitz event is proving hard with these matches.

Here is one example of how bad the PVP co-op matchmaking currently is. I have a nearly perfect balanced team and was auto matched with someone else who was fairly balanced, yet we faced a team double our power.

This should never happen as it’s impossible to win and neither me nor my partner had imbalanced teams. The system just needs to be seriously tweaked

But deathleech, ur partner is in no way balanced to match you. Lmao.

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No kidding. I did an auto match, that is what the game gave me for a partner. No clue why it partnered me with someone so much weaker than myself and then two players who were teamed up and both higher than me

That was the best match available at the time. Best does not mean 100% perfect. It means, best of what was available.

I would have rather waited a bit longer for a more even match then get paired against a team doubly our power that absolutely slaughtered us within a few seconds.

It’ll never be exactly what you want. You say you want a little more time now, but you’ll be complaining about matchmaking taking too long that same day if we made the matchmaking more strict.

For you, specifically, please keep what I said in mind the next time this comes up, as the answer will be the same and you often tack-on to these matchmaking posts.

The game seeks to find the best match available at the time. Best does not mean 100% perfect. It means, best of what was available.

Please keep that in mind, as no matter what we change on the back end, or whatever prescriptive changes you’re going to suggest, what I said above will always be 100% true in any context.

I get that, but there must be a better balance than matching people with a team literally double in power? That’s not even close to a fair match, let alone 100% perfect. That is about as lopsided as they get. The worst part was neither me, nor my random partner were sand bagging or doing anything other than running pretty balanced teams.

I would easily be willing to wait 20-30 seconds for a match that is closer in power levels. Obviously I do not want to wait 2+ minutes, but I do not want to face teams that are so incredibly mismatched either that we have no chance of winning. I am fine if the power level is a few thousand off, even if they have an advantage while having a more mismatched team.

Just an idea… to take off the heat once for all. Give 3 Options in start page… 1. Best matching (tight Power different Tolerance… of course take longer time to get matched)
2. Normal Matching (Moderate power different tolerance) 3. Try my luck Matching. (A Gamble. A combination of Options 1 n options 2 n 3, U either get lucky or destroyed In 5secs. Lol)

We can’t force people to go into matchmaking to give you the match you want, unfortunately. We have to go with what’s available at that time, and with varying power levels, and now four players instead of two, it becomes more difficult. If you have to wait over 30 seconds, you’ll just back out and start again, and be angry because we tried to get you the perfect match, and you’ll complain that we’re keeping you from getting matches.

There’s no perfect solution. We’re looking at ways to improve things, always, but please understand:

If it seems easy, simple, or obvious, there’s a reason it hasn’t been done yet.

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