Matchmakin Still Sucks

What a great matchmakin…Love It HH…

IT’S BEEN 3 DAYS SINCE THIS HAPPENED, have some patience

This is the same as normal pvp, the difference in power between your heroes decides your matchmaking pool. You have nearly a 9k difference between your top and bottom hero and they have 10k. This is to be expected if you try to sandbag, the matchmaking in this instance is doing the correct thing even if it hasn’t for a large portion of matches, there is no injustice here.

I’d normally agree with that but that’s not even true

But our teams are almost the exact same power and it still happened a lot

Sorry 2 different thoughts that’s not even true isn’t supposed to be there lmao

6K difference between your partner’s Heroes.

So you’re saying the algorithm is more likely to match you against a higher team if your team is unbalanced by greater than 40%?

13290 x 1.4 = 18606

Can we also assume that with less people playing this 2v2 mode, it is also more likely to have an unbalanced matchup then in normal pvp due to quick queue times?

Except his team power is less than a 1500 difference. His team mate appears to be an auto match, he can’t help the computer matched his with a team that had 8k more power than his lowest?

All things considered, everyone gets matches like that. Them the breaks.