Can we have a strong bio DPS?

Right now mech has the biggest and best variety of DPS characters, but energy is no slouch either. Bio is really missing out - the best bio DPS characters are probably Odachi, Mauler, Astrix, Kaishi and Fischer, and from what I’ve seen, only Astrix is regularly used in PVP by top-flight players. Given the (over)power of Kurtz and Shivs, good bio DPs would be a great way for us to have some balance in the force.

Odachi’s build seems to suggest that he’s meant to be exactly what I’m asking for - a bio DPS one man killing machine when properly supported. He can heal block, he can stun, he can slow people who are trying to run from him, and he can quickly and easily finish wounded opponents - he checks nearly every skill box for master assassin except the most important one - damage. He can only take advantage of his opportunist skill when the character is past the halfway damage mark, and, honestly, he’s pretty bad at getting them there. And if your opponent has Butters or Castellan, well, good luck, because you have no chance of cracking an energy shield with Odachi. His poison caltrops are also pretty easy to dodge, and the cartwheel thingy he does instead of rolling ironically makes him easier to target when moving between cover. I think making his cartwheel and caltrops land like 15% faster and buffing his magazine size and/or reload time would go miles towards making him a more playable character (more damage from his gun wouldn’t be amiss either). We’re in a world where the faceless Kuno far, far outshines her master. Give the man his due!

Mauler…this guy’s gone from OP powerhouse to hanging in the dog house. He does moderate damage and has good health for a midline character, but his disruption abilities aren’t much to write home about. If you want to have a good shot at the permastun (which is his main role in a buildout since his damage isn’t good), you have to run him with both Moss and Caine, which severely limits your team composition. I think HH did the right thing when they reduced his flash powder from 4 seconds to 3, because it not only made the stun less damaging, but it made it harder to actually achieve (getting a second crit in 3 seconds is much harder than getting a second crit in 4). But it reduced his viability as a potent disruptor, and I think that should have been mitigated by giving him back the crit bonus from his skin. IMO, his crit skin bonus should come back at 3%+, and flash powder should either stay at 3 seconds or go to 2.75/2.5 seconds, and the stun from his silver should go down to maybe 7/8 seconds.

I don’t have much to say about Kaishi or Fischer since I don’t use them, but Kaishi seems like he’s built to fight people one on one. Unfortunately, in a team game what I think what we need is a bio DPS who can kill someone who’s killing our support characters…

Astrix is a great DPS hero, but she’s 100% reliant on active skills, and her boomerang is completely dodgeable. She’s a great player to have on your team, but very inconsistent and not an answer to a piloted mech (especially not Kurtz).

Let me know if you agree or disagree. Maybe we can get some viable bio DPS up in here!


PPL are saying Lancer does great damage. I am working on leveling mine up so I don’t know yet.

I like your analysis of Odachi and Mauler. I agree, I think Odachi needs a slightly larger magazine. I don’t think Mauler needs a damage boost, he is not intended to be a DPS hero, his primary role is as a disrupter.

Kaishi’s skills are interesting. IMO his stats should be adjusted to be a little more glass-cannon-esque (more DPS, lower defense) to bring him to purpose and perhaps solve the above.

Lancer doing great damage makes sense - he has very high power which implies that his base stats must be off the charts. Having a shotgun means he isn’t a Kurtz answer, though he could be what’s needed to kill Shivs.


Cinder and maven? No?

Lancer was made very well. He is an interesting hero, can’t wait to practice with you when you get him!

Cinder may count in the DPS category, but she’s only a DPS character like 30 seconds into the game. I don’t count her.

I think Maven’s only good against bounties and the Gorgon - I haven’t seen anyone good use her in PVP.

I tested Razleo Lancer with my mech panzer, and tell me, that thing took my Panzer out after a clip and a 1/2. Just great damage. It also has really low recoil, making it perfect for hitting every single shot. It was a little while ago

Yeah, Lancer has an extremely high bio component to his damage, making him deadly to mech heroes. I bet he just bounces off of energy heroes, though.

Even if they do a lot of damage, they cant just focus or burst down a mech hero before they get healed or shielded. Bio just seems worse cuz the best supports are usually energy and are super common. Shields really shutdown a lot of bio heroes as well.

Hey grasher, accually, no. I tested the same thing with a hivemond, and in 3 clips, or 4, he was down

3-4 clips is forever in PVP. That’s in the 20-30 second range, or enough time for Keel to fully recharge her bronze.

He reloads way faster than Panzer, allowing him to work his way into heros

I figure he’s got 10 shots in his mag, 2 rounds a second, 5 seconds to unload a full mag, plus 1.5 seconds to reload, or 6.5 seconds for a full shoot + reload cycle (assuming you just hold down the trigger). 3 mags is 19.5 seconds, 4 is 26. That’s forever.

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He fires more rounds a second than you think. You dont have Lancer?

I have him. You can check his rounds/second info on his character’s gun profile - he fires 1.96 rounds a second.

Disagree abt cinder, yeah maven was decent at the start but not that much anymore, maybe deserves a buff

1.96 means he fires almost twice per second

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I guess i will check it out again, but hey, i got work. Im on my office computer currently.

I tested Lancer today and the damage loadout is not high enough. Shielded opponents take too much time. I found one non shielded Kurtz and I killed him before he could control me but directly after that a shielded Kurtz blew me away.
And the grenades seem to be useless unless you find some disabled opponent without cover.
In sum he is not versatile enough and doesn’t have any chance against shielders. Since Phalanx is very common in PvP he’s a bad choice to go with.

TLDR: no

Yeah, that makes sense. Something like 2/3 of Lancer’s damage is bio damage, any energy shield is his kryptonite. I’m surprised you were able to take out a rearline hero with his shotgun, that must not have been efficient.