Mid-Month Musings: Hero Filtering and Inventory System Are Coming Soon!

Though our monthly Update Notes are still on the way, we wanted to let you know about some exciting quality of life changes coming to Hero Hunters this month!

This month’s update includes two features that you, the community, have requested: Hero Filtering and a new Inventory System!

Hero Filtering

We’re getting close to 100 Heroes, and that means that some of you have very complex rosters. With this month’s update, we’re introducing Hero Filtering to allow you to manage your collection like never before.

In both the Hero menu and the pre-match Loadout screen, you can apply several Filters to your roster. Many of these Filters can be activated at the same time, allowing you a closer view of your roster.

Note: Viewing a Hero will reset the current Filter.

Sort By Element

Find your strongest Energy, Bio-Chem, and Mech Heroes.


Sort By Deploy Position

Find that Frontline, Mid-Line, or Rear Line Hero you’re looking for.


Sort By Faction

Find who’s who in each Faction with the touch of a button.



Looking for Heroes whose names begin with “A,” or a Hero with the letters “gh” somewhere in their name? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Sort By Name

Available in ascending and descending varieties.

Sort by Grade

Toggle on to see who has the highest Grade in your team.

Sort by Power

See who comes out on top in terms of overall Power based on your Heroes’ current Power levels.

Inventory System

Our new Inventory System allows you to see what you have on hand at a glance, so you can better plan your play time.


By tapping on your Team Name, you’ll access your Profile. From here, you’ll find the new Inventory tab. This will display all of the Gear, Tokens, and Currencies you own.

Tapping on an item in your Inventory will give you more information about it, such as who needs it and what it’s for. This will allow you to see what you might be lacking, or what you have in surplus, without having to look at Gear recipes or using the War Coin conversion system.

These new enhancements will be available in this month’s update! Keep an eye out for the usual Hero Spotlight and Update Notes as we get closer to the release day!


Cool cool. Filters is something many have been looking forward to


Yes Yes YES, Finally filtering!


Amazing! Hero Filtering look great, and the Inventory System will be a life saver for me! :wink: Thanks so much HHG. :+1:t2:


This will be a nice addition to the game, this should be helpful to the newer players for sure. Still nice to see the devs put in work in areas like this. :call_me_hand:t2:


I knew you guys could do this, it’s been hidden away only in wars for so long. Good to see it come out of just wars to the main screen. Also it’;s helpful for those of us who want to complete the blitz but don’t want to play Co-op PVP. Now we can see what heroes we need to use quickly.


Faction sort, literally perfect. Thank you.


Fun Fact: Some sorting options can be doubled-up. For example, you can sort by faction and THEN sort alphabetically or by power :raised_hands:


…Holy filters …

   GG HH


Ummm… who’s that!?

With the name of Silhouette, sounds like a cloaking hero to me. Based off the clips above, we know that he/she is a Morlock, and is a Frontline hero.



…kool Eyes

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Just 1 doubt… Why these kool filters implemented on wrong section? (as per the reference from above video)
People will again complain that it’s unnecessary & I am sure they’ll also have some good points. Like this filters r applying on wrong section

What do you mean by wrong section?

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Inventory system nice :grin:…So that will be so nice if we can quick build gear :wink:


Heroes’ section (20 words matters)

Absolutely incredible help from HH. This is awesome!


This is exactly what we need, you guys are genuises


There comes a time, that I get really excited for a normal function than a new hero being shown in the gifs : {

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Love the inventory feature

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