Min PVP Review

Everything is rated on a 1-5 Star(*) scale.

Core Stats

Weapon: (*) Off to a bad start unfortunately. Min joins the unfortunate club of recent heroes who have been saddled with a high RoF (Rate of Fire) SMG or Assault Rifle. The armor calculations remain unchanged which means high RoF weapons will tend to lose 50%+ of their damage to armor. This immediately dims Min’s prospects in PVP because she is only going to tickle enemies with her gun, but the nature of her skills means needs to be piloted to get the most out of her… having the player pilot a low DPS hero is never a good situation in PVP.

Defense: (**) She is a squishy, make no mistake. She is similar to Ifrit in terms of defense but she’s energy which means she is a lot more vulnerable in this meta.


Overload: (****) An excellent instant single-target debuff that screws with an enemy in so many ways it’s downright amusing. This skill seems like it was expressly designed to ruin Dogface’s day - and it definitely does. The combined silence + disorient + ammo depletion is crippling for almost any hero, but some heroes are affected more than others. Dogface is an example of an ideal target, depleting his ammo will instantly “break” his bronze/silver buffs and the silence/disorient ensures he wont be doing anything for the next 10 seconds either. On the other end of the spectrum you have heroes like Mandrake who doesn’t really care about silence or disorient very much.

However, it’s not perfect. The skill has one of the longest cooldowns in the game, 75 seconds base. In the hands of a bot (who often shoots cover and spends half the match running around) this is a punishingly long cooldown that often won’t be ready until Dogface has already killed half your team. Fortunately, the skill seems like an extreme experiment where HHG made the cooldown depend mostly on your weapon hitting enemies instead of just passively charging. If piloted and with 100% accuracy (not easy with her SMG), you can charge this skill in just 10 seconds. The result is that when I want to use this skill I will simply switch to Min, shoot the nearest tank for marshmellow-tier damage, but rapidly charge the skill so I can use it stop Dogface or whoever. This is necessary to get the most out of Min, but it also means you’re losing precious time that you could be piloting a hero who actually does damage.

Feedback: (****) It has a 30 second cooldown, which is a little on the slow side for a support ability, it also has a modest cast time which makes it harder to use reactively against enemy skills. Against a “fully charged” enemy the cooldown benefit for your team appears to be capped at around 50%. The damage is low-moderate, about 20% less than your bronze.

Unfortunately there aren’t many “MUST STOP” cooldowns still pending 30 seconds into the match. If you’re fast you might be able to stall Heimlock’s notoriously slow skills or a transfusion from Moss, but under ordindary fighting circumstances this ability is just going to delay some random enemy skill you probably dont care about by several seconds at most and give your team a noticeable boost to its own skill usage. The significant cooldown boost to your entire team is what makes this a 4-star ability, keeping the game’s momentum in your favor. Min herself will only charge her Bronze with the benefit from this skill but that’s enough to let you chain Overload back to back if you really want to ruin someone’s day.

Smokescreen.EXE: (***) An interesting and useful gold skill. It’s like Mandrake’s invisibility with a weaker heal, higher health threshold, but here’s the kicker - it lasts up to 30 seconds or until the Decoy is destroyed. Min can spend huge chunks of the match invisible and passively healing! The decoy itself is squishy (about 1/3rd of your total HP) but its still a significant amount of damage that your opponent has to do to a worthless hologram just to remove your invisibility, and if you get healed above 50%, its happens all over again.

Unfortunately the downside of this skill relates back to the problem of invisibility and the current metagame, it tends to be extremely binary. Either the enemy has a Mark or some big piloted Mech-DPS that will shred you through your invisibility or they don’t. The decoy itself wont fool a decent player since it pops up at full HP when the true Min was at 50%, but at the very least it will probably save Min’s life from time to time.

Firewall: (******) Now THIS is a platinum skill! This is one of the only platinum skills that I can recommend grabbing for PVP alone - against the vast majority of opponents this skill is basically a lockout against the enemy bursting you down in the first 30 seconds. For each enemy hero, the first time they use a skill, your entire team basically gets the shield from Caine’s bronze for 5 seconds. In all this adds up to 25 shields activated for your team in the beginning of the match, often at the “peak” of DPS when heroes start popping skills and looking for kills.

Under ideal conditions, when enemy skill usage is staggered, this skill is capable of “healing” more than my healers do. Keep in mind that shields don’t take full elemental damage so they can absorb far more punishment than the raw numbers might suggest. Of course the skill isn’t perfect, the shields don’t stack in strength or duration so against teams that bust out all their skills at once… the shield isn’t going to do much. Of course, the shields only proc once per enemy hero so its crucial to capitalize on the early momentum because this skill is dead after the first wave of enemy skills.

This skill is what makes Min truly viable in PVP.

Overall: (****) Min is a great new support hero that should be promoted to Platinum to achieve her full potential. For teams that struggled with Dogface, Min can single-handledly shut him down for the entirety of a match. Unfortunately Min’s 2 greatest weaknesses, Mech Burst and Marks, are both heavily featured in the current metagame. With Panzer and Nightingale both the uncontested champions of their archetype, Min will struggle against such teams. Panzer can tear through Min in seconds and a mark on her is often a death sentence, but with her Plat if you can survive the initial burst of weapon fire, then the ensuing cascade of shields from enemy skills should give you breathing room for some healing and let you turn the tables. Properly using Min will still require a lot of involvement from the player, switching from your DPS to Min multiple times in the match to make sure her skills aren’t being wasted, but if you play her well then you should find her worth a spot on even top tier teams.


i agree with the damage amount. if i could get her skill to work, i feel like i actually helped in the fight. but then i get blasted away super quick. I thought of pairing her with Oracle due to her ability to speed up the cooldowns. but its a hit/miss with it. Her basic attack for me is the issue. Which is why i also pair her up with heroes who taunt the foe to focus away from her.

Dont have her at gold yet, but ive seen it in PvP. threw me off for a second, but she got bombarded and i won

Nice review. Conceptually she sounds great. I just wasn’t sure how’d she’d play out. I guess I’ll dump some frags into her.

@Sogui nice post, great review

when i first read her spotlight, i think this a hero devs come up to somehow counter dogface
(and PROBABLY shake the meta a little bit)

and yeah, what with the SMG?

she will be energy hero >> hmm, ok (probably not good idea right now, but okay)
she will be a support hero >> great! (at least her skill is great)
she will be in the rearline >> awesome! (kinda hard to hit her)
she will be using SMG >> errrrr (why using SMG in the rearline?its kinda hard to charge the skill by hitting the enemy right?)

Thanks for the great review @Sogui . I have Min at five star now and made her gold. Then its time to plat her immediately. Good to know my invested hero turned out to be a very good one if managed correctly.

Good to know Panzer is still going to be an issue, while Min can totally shut down Dogface (who imo, was weaker than Panzer anyways). So now the meta will just shift further away from one of the only two viable DPS? Teams will all be Panzer/Nightingale/Ifrit and then either Caine, Min, Heimlock, or Mandrake? No real changes huh?

I am wondering how Min, Mauler, and Ifrit would do with all their crowd control disorients and stuns? Would this be a viable team now? Add in Mandrake for extra invis and another stun, and then maybe Odachi or Nightingale and it would lack healing, but they could also lock down several heroes indefinitely.

Awesome review. Love that you touched on a lot of nuances that a lot of people would have overlooked. While I don’t agree with your manipulation of the matchmaking algorithm, you clearly have a mastery level understanding of the game and how to play it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on her.

Played against her twice and experienced both extremes. Bursted her down once and she was no threat at all. She survived the first 30 seconds the second time and was really a pain in the ass.
Sogui seems to be right. If you play her well she is great. If you play her bad, she is no threat at all. But if you manually play her and get unlucky your damage dealer goes for two or three different heroes, killing none, which often will cost you the match.

Yea it’s interesting. In some ways I feel that Min only reinforces the current metagame. Panzer really doesn’t care that much about silence, she can unload her weapon and secure a kill long before Overload will be ready, and even if an enemy Min gives your Panzer trouble after that you will have a fairly good idea of how much ammo you can load and fire before she hits you with Overload again.

Being able to chain Overload means a piloted Min can ruin almost any DPS hero. This would normally have BIG implications for a 4support+1DPS metagame but the caveat is that the two staples of this metagame that I mentioned (Panzer and Nightingale) can both overcome Min’s abilities. Panzer is one of the only DPS that can continue to put out good damage while silenced AND disoriented. Nightingale’s Mark also allows for 4 supports to still put out lethal focus fire on a target, even if their “big DPS” is getting shut down by Min. Crits are actually strong now so Nightingale’s mark, which was already the best team DPS buff in the game, is even stronger now… so with heroes like Mandrake (who already did solid damage, got a damage buff in the first role warfare), Keel and Nightingale, you see low ROF “supports” who will still put out a combined 30k+ DPS when Nightingale mark’s someone.

Min could theoretically herald the end of 4support+1DPS but Panzer and Nightingale are both so incredibly strong and versatile that Min simply has to join their meta instead of overthrowing it. For a hero that’s literally a pun on Min/Max, she didn’t really change that aspect of PVP at all (While she’s at her best at Plat I would counsel against giving her too many stars, the most important aspects of her bronze/silver/gold don’t scale with power and her plat doesn’t need to be crazy high since its still a 5-second shield that stops triggering after the first wave of enemy skills).

Really felt this. I find myself not minding mandrake anymore.

Thanks for the analysis.

Min is absolutely wrecking me in PvP atm…

I agree with most of this assessment, however, I would like to contend that Min isn’t as terrible vs Panzer as you suggest… I used her a LOT in the Draft Brawl, and if I had enough protection for Min in the early game (Heimlock/Baron/Phalanx/Caine/Nightingale) and she survived the initial burst from Panzer… then Min would ruin Panzer’s day almost as much as she does Dogface’s day… because she also completely destroys Panzer’s Ammo, and Panzer’s reload is one of her greatest weaknesses… I’ve basically managed to Ammo lock an enemy Panzer with my Min for most of the match.

So Panzer can deal a lot of damage vs Min, and there’s a risk there… but if she survives… then you’re golden. I typically Paired my min with a Clyde… and drove Clyde at the start, to basically demolish the enemy Nightingale, then jump over to Min and used her to wreck Dogface or Panzer’s day.

My experience was Min died fast. REALLY fast. Granted I was mostly facing 6-7 star Min (and a few 8*, so it might change at 10), but all the same. She seems to have only slightly more hp than Flatline. I would basically just unload my shotgun on her as Panzer and finish her with 5 shots or so left.

The key is NOT to use Breech since it will trigger her platinum shield. Wait till she is dead and use it on the next target.

Panzer isnt as lethal to Min when shes the same power as Min, but the reality is that a huge part of the playerbase is trying to bring the biggest panzer they can into the lowest bracket possible.

So a 6-7* plat Min will still have to frequently deal with 8-10* Panzers who can shred you in half a mag. It’s one of the reasons I cant justify giving her 5 stars.