Mgns And friends Premiere Pvp list ;) ( Late march )

Late march pvp tier list


I have some things to say about this list:

  • Good list, but some heroes have other decent abilities. Anvil, even without shielded enemies, his silver can deal a good amount of dps. He can also self-sustain himself.

  • Scum is got to be at least C-Tier since pairing his active skills to Halo’s plat can deal massive damage. Even without it, pulling both skills on a mech hero can gurantee that hero is down.

  • Savage is decent, it’s just that he is a priority to take down.

  • Fischer, especially after the buffs, he should be in the C-Tier. His bronze can deal massive damage to high health enemies, but he does rely on synergies.

  • Beck is the other way around to her pros and cons. She deals a good amount of damage but her survival skills do seriously question us about her damage output compared to her survival to deal that much of damage.

  • Dogface does not rely on his skills to do damage. His plat and gold alone can deal a massive amount of damage. Dogface just shooting for 2 clips and it can take down Artemis already.

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Great list. I am not so sure with Jarek but since I haven’t build him - I will accept his high rank. Apart from that I would say fix spellings. :smile:

Good list that seems pretty sound! Here are my thoughts on it.

  1. Hivemind is very squishy early on. However, the taunting drone + the constant damage from 3 sapper drones can put the pressure on unarmored enemies. Needs to be plat to be truly effective, but I like his work. Same with Halloway, very dangerous with #.

  2. Bucket is very underwhelming offensively, plus her taunts make her an easy target, I would put her at a lower rank.

  3. At Plat 7* stars and greater, Castellan’s shield is extremely hard to crack, and the turret gives great constant dps once it gets going with rockets. Underrated pvp hero

  4. Hardscope requires patience to use, but can get his dps bursts up faster than Dogface. When his gold and plat are used together, he can tear through energy heroes easily. He’s pretty formidable with the rocket launcher too.

Savage is ok if you are fighting compacted enemies
you are being a bit too harsh on him

Platinum vanguard gets his bronze 500k shield off every clip. Definitely not a year for a skill when plat.

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wow thanks sensei ur amazing

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Halo & Caine should be S TIER…

:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: not bad gangsters :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Before I replied I peeped your account and what I saw wasn’t a surprise. Most of the heroes you put at the top, you’ve invested in and the ones you gave up on are at the bottom. The only time you’ve seen some of their skills are during hero draft where everyone is normalized to the same stars and skill level. That’s not a true study of their value.

That being said, it’s a good list for what it is, this game can’t rank people by themselves. It’s about synergy from the moment you promote to bronze. So no one, even ronin can’t be great by themselves. But there’s one thing that I took personally tbh…

Artemis… C-tier?? C’mon now. She melts any mech in at most 3 headshots, and can melt almost anyone else (ronin definitely excluded) in a few more. With her plat skill she can put you in a 5 v 4 situation real quick. Anyway definitely A tier considering she can melt everyone in your A tier.

Did you not read the friends part its not like i listed em all from my own heroes. Reason i dont have artemis ranked higher is from the heavily unfavoured meta for bios atm. Im not saying im 100% right on everything its just our experience