Minmaxing hall of shame

Lusty 2up.
Seemingly got a lot of easy wins huh? Yet another proof that the penalty for minmaxing is barely sufficient.


lately the penalty is even going the other way i had so many matches with people using 9k plat hero with low 5k or even 4k teams and i have all 6k team and they have more team power not a lot but 3k or 4k more than my team makes zero sense

The minmaxing of ronin team just be penalized.

*Must, I mean…:sweat_smile:

Lusty is an amazing player. I don’t think it’s fair to try to spread lies on his name only because you can’t beat him… I would suggest trying a new strategy if the one you are using now isn’t successful.

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I don’t like the shaming of certain players who make use of the bad matchmaking system either, because they don’t do anything illegal. But we shouldn’t glorify them.

The Op is right anyway. Just another proof of how bad the matchmaking system is.


matchmaking its trash.
during this event I was using a completely balanced team, all 7* plat heros; I faced min/maxers more than 7 times with every single balanced team that I used., all of them had more power than my team, how the hell I have to get penalized?

recently I face a lot of min/maxers that I dont even bother myself to get screenshot. how ridiculous is it?

then I said fuck it, I can do min/maxing. why should I play fair when game system it’s unfair to me.

and I put 9* plat Dogface along with bunch of gold supporters,you know what happened? Magic, yeah, faced balanced teams with lower power than me, and out of 17 wins I get penalized only one time with a team that had 7K more power than me, yeah I won that too.

btw about this event, rewards for 1-100 and 101-500 its not so different but the point that you have to get to be on top 100 its so much different, its not worth it specially with this terrible matchmaking.


I think that’s what happens with most players. They play the game as it is meant to be played at first, but eventually give in to min/maxing because it’s so prevalent. Why would you keep playing “fair” and putting yourself at a disadvantage when there is no penalty to min/maxing and you can do it for easier wins?

It’s bad enough the game has a meta that is so powerful, even deviating from it by 1 or 2 heroes and being a star or few bars under means the difference between a win and loss. I know I will win 90% of the matches I play that aren’t vs a high level Mauler/Halo/Ifrit/Caine/Flatline or Mandrake. Against that meta though? I am lucky to win 50/50. Exchange even one of those heroes for crappier ones and I suddenly start beating that team much more.

The game is more about having the highest power meta than it is anything else. Skill comes into play, but it’s very minimal. I have dozens of screenshots where I am beating players that usually place top 20 in PVP, but if they aren’t sporting the meta I can beat them fairly regularly.

Yup. I don’t even bother trying to break 500 anymore. I can put in 10-15 matches and place in the 1000-2500/5000 rank and all I am missing out on is a mere 100 gold and 100 skin tokens. However, the time investment is a fraction what it takes to place in the 1-100 or even 101-500 rank. That’s maybe a half hour of work vs several hours.

It’s also much harder as a lower VIP since I get 4 less hearts per hero over a 2 day PVP event (25% less) and it’s harder for me to level up my heroes. Granted high VIP players should get benefits for paying more and keeping the game going, but PVP in this game is a joke. It’s more about who pays the most/has the highest power meta than it is anything.


Thanks for sharing your point of view and in particular some frustration you have.

I slightly agree and I slightly disagree with some of the things you mention.

On the part that I agree with, it is true that by now, people have figured out that the main thing in pvp is to try to not level up your heroes (if that is possible, but too bad if you already have) and to accumulate as many stars as you can at as low a level as you can manage.

You can then string alot of wins because honestly, who plays like that… But the majority of people who don’t are at a disadvantage.

It’s a shame though, but as a community, many players have already asked HHG for a solution for months, yet no fix(es) are in sight.

Either our ideas are not good ideas, or the fixes proposed (such as levelling all your heroes to your team level) are unworkable or too difficult to implement. Whatever it is, it seems like PVP matchmaking had been improving a little bit but took a big step backwards recently.

On the part that I disagree with, PVP isn’t really pay to win. You can, if you dedicate the time, get top 200 or even top 100 without spending a single gold for revives. Nowadays I pvp less but I used to do so with much regularity.

In my knowledge, yes, the top guys use gold to revive but of course the better they are the fewer revives they use. However, I know of some “top” players (meaning, frequently rank 20 and above) who have no qualms of spending 400-500 gold (if not more) on revives.

But this is not the case with all the top players. Others who are more skilled, like some of my teammates, spend less due to their skillls. Sometimes (though possibly not frequently) they manage great placings with just minimal revives, like 1 or 2. Other times, they do spend, usually to make sure that their reward income is more than their revive expenditure.

So it really depends, and I am not really in agreement that the player who pays the most wins the PVP system.


Spread lies? See his heroes in the leaderboard, will you?
I don’t know him at all and did not even face him yet. Stop taking this as a personal attack against him because I only give an example of top players in the leaderboard getting easy wins.

I’m am VIP 1 and play 90+% of my matches on full auto. Still I am finishing top 1000 with ease in every event, this time with a little bit of luck even top 500. If I would put in the effort to play the matches manually, I would propably finish top 250 or better in most of the events.
What is most important is to have two or three good teams to play through, which give you a decent amount of points. In my case I have three between 50k and 70k.
Sure spending money helps, but you can still do good without and since they lately changed the rewards, the differences between being top 10 and top 1000 aren’t worth the effort anymore.


You can definitely be competitive if you are good and put in the time, even at VIP 0. I was just pointing out that being a high VIP, or paying money for gold gives a big advantage and helps you reach higher ranks much easier. That’s fine, there needs to be some incentive for spending money on the game.

However, I see a lot of people try to downplay the VIP advantages. In PVP you get an extra heart. That means 4 hearts instead of 3. That means 25% more playing. That means at the end of a two day tournament, you were able to play a minimum 4 extra times with every hero over a low or no VIP player who had the exact same win/loss ratio as you. Then add in resets and twice as much cash from Gauntlet, twice as many gems to sink into heronium or equipment, more sta, etc. and the benefits really start adding up.

I have someone in my Alliance who started 8 days after me. His total power is 705k while mine is 563k. I have 9 heroes that are 9* or higher, and 33 that are plat or higher. He has 20 heroes that are 9*+ and 38 that are plat+. I was VIP 5 most of the time I have played while he has been VIP 13 for awhile. Granted he might play more PVP, but other than that we are both on around the same amount of time. Despite this he has a pretty big advantage on me due to the VIP.

You realize the team shown on leaderboard isn’t always the team players stick with? Too much speculation on this board. It just sounds like some people need to work on their technique. You’ll get there!

I haven’t had too many super bad experiences with the matching. I like to play fair, and most of time it matches me fairly. I mostly have trouble with the meta team of Panzer/flatline/ifrit/mandrake/Nightengale.

@Deathleech, dude I see you ranting all over the forum today.

Yes vip helps.

But we have plenty of 700k+ players with vip 0 or 1, we also have plenty of vip 13 players with less then 500k power.

If I would buy a new hero crate 10 now, I don’t actually think I would increase 1k power, unless I’m lucky and get one of the 2 7 hero’s I still need.

Every point of power I have came through PvP, and I played below vip 9 for the first half year I played this game.

Yesterday I finished 42nd place, I didn’t use 1 revive, I didn’t play anymore after the reset which was 9 hours later untill the tournament ended, and I managed to play 50 matches without even losing 1 heart on any hero.

Right now I’m at 730k and I can get that number up pretty fast if I want to, not by spending cash, but playing the game.

Don’t attack @Sing he makes valid points and I agree with him 9/10

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Im at vip 0 full automatic and no revive at all event (only once to explore it at beggining i play this game)…last pvp event finish on 600+, and i meet my power lower than my opponent,
i see it hard to be a top player

take which hero you must shutdown 1st, 2nd, …

just enjoy the game

Well unlike op who had leaderboard screenshots, I have images of a top 20 alliance member minmaxing in gold with green heroes. 504D2090-F227-4DA6-97E6-0CDFF90471B2 15FC7E5B-E5FF-46FA-A4B1-1A6953E3B86B
It’s not even like he hasn’t had time to upgrade the heroes, he’s had that Prophet and Artemis since October. I genuinely checked


Your anecdotal evidence does not prove much. If you look at the last tournament, EVERY one of the top 25 players were VIP 10 or higher except one player. If VIP wasn’t so important, wouldn’t there have been at least a couple people under VIP 10 sprinkled in there? Instead the top 25 is made up of only 4% that are less than VIP 10. I’m too lazy to look at the top 100, but I am sure there are very few people in there under VIP 10 as well.

So let me get this straight, the first half a year you played under VIP 9 (I’m guessing you were 8), which is still a relatively high VIP level, and then the following 5-6 months (roughly) you played above VIP 9? That’s hardly validating your point. You played at a higher VIP point almost the entire time you have played the game, and played at arguable the best VIP (10+) at least half of that.

I did say being good or playing a lot can definitely help, despite VIP level. For instance it sounds like you played roughly 2 hours and are VIP 12. How do you think you would have fared playing all your heroes 25% less? And having a number of those heroes be weaker in power since you wouldn’t have the extra (literally double) Gauntlet Gems, (25% more) PVP Gems, or (double) cash?

Of course you can get it up fast. That’s the whole idea behind being a higher VIP. Everything is easier and quicker. Instead of getting 1750 Gauntlet Gems per day, you get 3500. Instead of 700-800k cash, you get 1400-1600. Instead of playing each hero 3 times in PVP, you can play them 4x before resets.

Just looking at the Gauntlet Gems alone, you are talking a minimum of 750 heronium extra per day, or 15 frags if you have those heroes maxed. Over a month that is an extra 450 frags. You have to figure you are also getting roughly 25% more PVP Gems. If you would normally get 2k a day, you are getting 2500 with those extra hearts. If you would get even 1000, you are getting 200 extra. These things have an avalanche affect and start adding up quick, despite it may not seem like it. That’s an extra 10* hero every few months over a low VIP player.

Regardless I wasn’t attacking Sing and I do agree with a lot of the points he makes. I was simply pointing out a high VIP level is definitely a big advantage in the game. These can be overcome with enough skill or play time, but it still gives you a leg up. Obviously it has to or no one would spend money and become VIP so I am fine with that. I was just pointing out how a lot of people (usually VIP 10+) try to downplay the advantage they have over others with no or low VIP levels.

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To answer this nicely, I played 50% without the extra heart.

The only thing vip could give me at that point to make it a little bit easier, so nothing extras from VIP to influence PvP at all!..

25% less?

I didn’t lose a heart, I was busy with studying, alliance stuff and other things in life, 25% of 0 will give you an error on your calculator.

Right now you involved gauntlet with PvP, yes I get 20 dogface fragments extra, I work and do my thing, but if I played 20 PvP matches it would result in the same, I’d probably get more because of the 4 PvP crates.

You make no sense about the bucks part, your numbers make no sense, simply put, they aren’t correct.

For the rest you said I’ll refer you to this comment, or anything I ever put on this forum to review what you said

Tldr: I can tell you about my life, nobody wants to read that, busy with life, sick mother took care for her, building a home, working, studying, I spent 0-20 euros a month on this game somehow I ended up vip 12 after a year of playing, yes vip gave me extras, it’s should have been more to be honest (VIP needs more), I have 4 PvP teams that will probably destroy you, but I use 1 maybe 2 because I’m busy with other things, but you complain about stuff, maybe I need to use 10 gold to revive 1 hero for another team to work or I’ll switch, but that has nothing to do with vip.

Good day to you

@Deathleech give me your in-game name I’ll duel you 10 matches at platinum standard, if I lose I’m sorry for saying this, otherwise review yourself