Should VIP9+ really get 33% more hearts for tournaments?

I’m a competitive individual and I love the PvP aspect of this game and that it’s actually rewarded/encouraged by the Devs. It gives this game a lot more longevity than I would get from just blasting the same Campaign enemies over and over.

Having said that, it’s pretty frustrating trying to shoot for top rewards in a PvP tournament only to see how drastically the scales are stacked against you when it comes to VIP levels.

In the current tournament (Flatline + Surge) I fought like hell for the Top 10, which I was in for a couple hours before the first reset. But with every reset I have to battle the same daunting odds, that literally every single player above me (I checked) has VIP 9 or higher, meaning they get 4 “hearts”, or 33% more lives, than I do.

This is a 2 day tournament so by the time it’s over, the VIP9+ folks will have gotten the equivalent of nearly an extra “day” of resets. I have no problem with these folks getting extra value in “Free PvP” or even the Brawls where you aren’t rewarded for Top 10, but for something carrying the “tournament” monicker I think it would be fair if HHG disabled any Gold/VIP advantages and gave everyone an even footing.

I use 1 team, I don’t care about all the other hero’s cause they need to much bucks to synergies again.

With that said.

Let’s remove all stars, promotions and make every hero green lvl 1 with 1 HP and 1 damage, that way it’s fair for everyone…

They not only get 33% more hearts. They also get more revives, and each revive is worth 33% more.

A VIP 15 can do 16 revives per day, 4 hearts each, for a total 64 hearts. If you add the two free resets, that’s 72 hearts a day. A VIP 0 can do a single revive, for 3 hearts, and two free resets each day, for up to 9 lives.

A VIP 15 can play 72 Flatline lives a day, while other players can only do 9. And while I think it’s really unfair for a competitive game mode, I don’t think it’s a problem.

I will never ever be top 10 because of this, but I understand it is that kind of “unfairness” that keeps the game alive and allows me to play for free, and the devs to make a living out of it. So, I just accept it, and be thankful for an engaging game that I can play without paying a single cent.


I understand the balance the Devs have to make, but I think its clear that the bonus hearts/revives would already be a huge attraction even without affecting tournaments. Those free hearts already add up to hundreds of extra fragments and crate gold every month from free pvp games - and they can even keep in less competitive events (Brawls). But I don’t think HHG will lose a $ from keeping the bonus out of tournaments, like I said the VIP9 bonus will already pay for itself in the long run for hardcore players and VIP10 is also a huge attraction due to 2x gauntlet money/gems… there’s no reason for tournaments to be handed to these guys too.

Let’s be honest. Who would use gold to revive heroes in Free play? I think it’s actually the opposite. If they were just for free play, most people wouldn’t care about that VIP privilege.

On the other hand, VIP is supposed to be an extra to your gold, so VIP doesn’t necessarily need to be game changing. And something like extra lives in tournaments, is unfair for most players, VIPs 1-8 included (so, it’s not only free players who are hurt by these advantages)

I would personally welcome this change, since it would ease my life on PvP, but I respect the way the current system works, as devs need to get money from as many places as they can.

I doubt they change this, though. I recall people asking for more VIP privileges (to make high VIP more appealing, I guess), so I don’t think HH will do the opposite and reduce current VIP advantages.

As a VIP10 I can certainly tell you these tournaments are not “handed” to us. Personally, I typically rank in top 1000, sometimes top 500 and I use a total of 3 teams (15 heroes)… when those heroes lives are through, I wait for reset… I have a total of 220 available lives with all my heroes and I use only 60 of them… so yeah we get 33% more lives, but lives are not the determining factor for success in a tournament. Also take into consideration the total power and sustainability of the player’s team which allows them to get big points and continue to play without losing any lives in the first place, because the reality of it is, (I think I can speak for the majority) most of these VIP9+ players don’t even use all the lives or resets.

Also understand that higher VIP players tend to have stronger teams, which allows them to attain much greater points per win than the typical free to play player.

I can use my A team and play 10 games at 200,000 points per win and not lose a single life and I’ll already be at 2 Million Points with full lives. How does the total amount of lives I have affect my points in that scenario?


Well, if I find 3 Oracles, Im out. You need to find a 4th one :smiley:
(Im just raging because oracle’s bug killed my main team 5 times already in this tournament. Dont mind me)

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Of course there need to be strong incentives for high VIP numbers, this game is having a high attention and development from HH due to players pay for benefits. This is the first game ever I’ve spent more than $300, and most of that came from me wanting the benefits on 2x Gauntlet and 4 hearts for heros on PvP. I had probably else only spent $30 so far in the game buying the 30 day Daily Gold drop if it had not been for these benefits, I assume more players had spend more money if there were other obvious benefit from VIP3-VIP9, as the cost to get above VIP5 is pretty steep and I assume this is a too big threshold for many players to invest the big bucks.

  • Maybe 4-5 hearts in bounty should be added as well?
  • Maybe 4-5 daily solo raids?
  • Maybe 2 City Hall/Dojo raids?
  • Maybe 2 free skill purchases daily pr VIP lvl (Cash is a big restriction in the game even with 2x Gantlet).
  • Maybe 10 extra energy to claim pr VIP lvl on the daily quest?

I hope HH continue the success with the game and that more players pay for the opportunity to play more so we can get a lot of new content in the future. So to answer @Sogui this is a business an not a charity, I hope you and other players will invest some more in the game to be able to play more and compete at an even higher level.


I wasn’t vip 9/10 until this month, I was grinding PvP the same amount I’m doing now, maybe I use a reset once when I lost 1 hero and the majority of my team is alive, but I probably won’t even do that.

I already spent to much time in this game, using 200+ lives would mean I’m playing non-stop, probably resulting in my gf killing me.

Yes it helps, but it’s not game breaking/changing imo

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I’m not saying it’s handed to every VIP9+, I’m saying if you’re grinding a lot of PVP and you’re VIP9+, you will be handed an easy advantage over anyone VIP 0-8.

It would be a nice gesture if we had a PVP event that wasn’t dominated by everyone who spent $100+ on this game. VIP 9 and 10 are already great deals, the only people complaining about more VIP advantages are people at 11-15 or 4-8 who realistically don’t get anything very useful at each new VIP level. Anyone who complains that 9 or 10 aren’t good enough needs to get their head checked since both of them literally pay for themselves after a couple months.

Ok, again, I wasn’t vip 9+ before this month, I ended top 250 almost every event.

Right now you’re really offensive, I don’t want to start getting offensive, but probably you need a check, gtsaiko, a vip 0 wasn’t complaining and understood this.

Your crying has different problems, either it is that you want everything free, you’re weaker than everyone else, you don’t know how to play PvP and your team just sucks or just get a job and earn a little money to spend.

I don’t like to start the get a job comment or being offensive and say you need to work, but dude saying we need a brain check? Come on

Btw I just came to the forum to copy a link for a buddy to help…

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@Sogui If you state that VIP9-10 are being payed off themselves after a couple of months, why don’t you just join us and become a VIP10? We would like more players to invest in the game and not only play for months but for years… I’ve been an active gamer for more than 35 years, starting with the launch of the C64, and I’ve never ever spent more than $100 on any of the 100’s of games I’ve played before, now I have at least tree-folded that amount in this game because I love it and I love to compete and progress. Well done HH, keep it up!


@Nailfox, I love to complain, I’m dutch, it’s our thing, we always complain about everything, even when it’s ok we complain cause stuff can get better, we had a great complaint going on yesterday about PvP.

The devs responded, they closed the topic because the crying was going nowhere, but they said they’ll look in to it. Thank you hothead.

To be honest, how should a dev respond to this? You’re being offensive, attacking a lot of players who just do their thing, and you’re complaining about nothing, and you’re telling all of us to get our brain checked…

I’ll end it with this, but man I can say so much useless and not nice things to you, greetings

Krat out

@Kraterios Maybe HH could offer us a brain check for free at VIP15 lolol :slight_smile:
Happy Hunting bro

I’d love a free brain check, I probably need it. My health insurance got it covered but getting more free stuff will help me…

So far nobody here has claimed VIP 9-10 is a bad value. Someone claimed “high VIP” people were asking for more benefits so I clarified that those are probably VIP 11-15 because you would need your head checked if you thought VIP 9 or 10 “need more benefits”.

So unless you really believe that, there’s no need to be insulted. It’s also really silly to insult my PvP team @Kraterios when I’ve already explained that I’m literally the only person in the Top 20 who doesn’t have VIP 9 or higher.

It’s a very reasonable ask, between brawls, free PVP, and showcases - VIP would still get major benefits from the large majority of PVP modes. What is the harm in having 2 tournaments a month where VIP0-8 have a chance to win?

@Sogui I played for top 100 a lot on vip -9, done with responding to you, again you’re saying we need our brain checked…

Have fun, cya

They need money. That’s all there is to it. Meh the balance.

The other issue that no one has addresses regarding this, is the tier rewards. So a VIP 9 player gets 33% more lives and maybe that gets him to the next higher reward bracket. That reward might be what? 50 more gold, 20 frags and $50,000 cash? Is that game changing for anyone? Seems like this is a lot of qq for a minimal reward difference. Kraterios is right in that most vip players don’t use all their available hearts anyway. Unless I’m bored, my scrubs rarely get to come out and play. I can appreciate the principle of the complaint, but it’s realliy just much ado about nothing.


Same as the vip 1 complaining, the time spend on that complaint was better spend on working or eating 1 less hamburger at the Mac to use it for this game…

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