MkV and MKVI

Only have 1 mission each from where we can get MkV and MkVI cores and commonly getting with 1 core part per 100 energy is just too much
My suggestion is either make more missions have it as a reward or frequently have events like glided token event where we can get cores
Btw making it part of heronium store wouldn’t hurt either


I suspect soon we will get at least Mk5 in the alliance store and mk6 will act as the new gateway as to reach ruby you need 1 mk5 to reach platinum+5 and another mk5 and a mk6 to reach platinum+6 so it’s gets rather expensive, I find around 40 mk6 drops per 2k energy or 200 qw tickets

We’re still waiting on more chances for xp still nothing


I agree with you developers have to increase the drop rate of those gears or have to increase the places where we will get it fast.

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Get to 3-2 extreme. Lots of xp and unlimited play

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