Modified Alliance Wars

I have been talking with alot of my friends from other clans as well as my own, and I’d like to purpose a change to how we do Wars.
First, the format in which we play meaning winning/defending by generated chances. I think this game would be much more fun to play if we could instead of chances, we have our battles out as if we were actually controlling our teams/squads kinda like a modified pvp format. Winner of the line takes that square. Now I’m not saying its a perfect idea or construct, however, it would make these inter-Alliance battles much more interesting and/or Fun!

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I believe this has been suggested by @McSpider101 when war was introduced

Honestly I would love the idea but it will just take to long not only for war but for the programing of it… ppl get disconnected / purposely close game/ ppl have hero that others dont/ ppl loose on purpose… it just to much to put in and so many other variables that would play into play to make this happen sadly… but this is an great game mode suggestion tho…

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