Real Battlefield on Alliance War

Why can’t we just have a battlefield on alliance war, where there is shooting, hiding, breaking, silencing, and such. And when won, thats when the sector gets taken, just like that… And one thing, if levels and grades is the problem, how about on each sector, you have given a specific grades and levels (just like drafting) but the difference is that, not all hero should be the same grades and levels, to reduce constant using of the same team

What do you think guys?


This will fit niceley with my ideas of new modes. Thanks for the info!

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nice nice nice @CorruptedSpirit, i still have something on my mind too…

We need a sense of fun more than just a game of chess so I thought when the Alliance war was introduced for the first time I thought it would be so! Shooting

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Agreed, even if it was like gauntlet against another alliance’s players heroes. PVP would be preferred but I get why that may not feasible.

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It would be cool if its like a tag of war where the action is not pulling but shooting… hehehe

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