Following the debacle, for the recent update, there has been a large amount of backlash from what people would define as lack of communication or being left in the dark on changes. Like discord, we have the developers in Red and the Mods in blue, these are people you can trust to ask for information and get a response from.

In game, I am known as RYKER and many of you have probably seen me talking to the community every day, letting people know about changes and what’s going on but the problem is that I have no credibility other than who I am known as. Ingame there is the HHG red tag alliance for the developers, of which you guys are sometimes in chat maybe not for a while now but that doesn’t matter.

I am suggesting a moderator alliance for VIP, Blue tags that separate from the rest of VIP so it stands out, they don’t need any power other than the ability to be seen as active and linked to the devs. Seeing a blue tag in VIP every day would help communication big time. I already pass as much as I can to the devs and chat to them daily but having recognition and being seen in chat would help clear up these issues where people think nobody is listening to complaints.

Would appreciate feedback on this idea, obviously, a vetting process will undergo to be admitted to this Mod alliance :slight_smile:


Mods would be nice for chat and marked separately, and officially, sure. But an alliance for it is stupid. People who could do some good as mods wouldn’t want to necissarily.give up their freedom of alliance and their abilities to male choices of who they want to play with to do so.

But all of this is a pointless debate because the devs are so out of touch with the majority of their playerbase that they would never see a need or want for this as legitimate, and anything the community has to say is laughable from behind their piles of money they demand more and more of with each update.

Vote with your wallet as they say. I havent spent any money fpr gold in months, if mpre people did that, maybe they’d find a reason to listen. But it won’t happen. Just accpet the changes and make the best of it. Its the only option we are left with.

My friend I would say you are out of touch not the devs, I talk to the devs every single day. And HHG has official tags, a suggestion either your tags turn blue but remain in the sam alliance or a seperate alliance alltogether. I am a mod already and would like to transfer that ingame as well as I am known in the community and it would help bring a new level of communication between the playerbase and the developers.

We currently have no plans to grant any players mod status in the game, or a higher rank over other players, or to permit them to speak for us. Miscommunications are common when you have a middleman, and giving in-game mods powers to act on our behalf could be disastrous.

Every player is free to report any chat activity they feel violates our guidelines, but we have no plans to institute another player role at this time. Thanks for your feedback!


Thank for the quick reply! and understandable point of view, maybe the community or the developers aren’t ready for that yet. But eventually maybe so, I’ll be waiting haha :wink:

Moderators for vip chat would be for me I think a very good thing

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