Monitor Member activity without being friends

It would be nice if the co and xo could see exactly when a member is on without having to be friends. That takes up space on a already limited number of friends allowed. I know you can look under members list but that only shows when they were last on. So that member may or may not be still on but u can only see that if ur friends.


This sounds rather creepy!

the way you see the members list with when they were last on, you can see when they are on. dont have to be friends to do that, but its already a thing

Or they could increase space on friend list if not this :slight_smile:

Sometimes that works but majority of the time it’s inaccurate or won’t show it at all. Have had many times when members were on but it didn’t show they were. But once I added them as friends then it’s always spot on. Expanding the friends list would be nice. Of course if that would affect how the the game runs then keep it the same.

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