Alliance members change

It would be great if there is a way to know who is online in the alliance. As the friend list get full up on adding all your crew to friend which is necessary for war . Just as in the screenshot above there are 6 online, what if there is a new tab opens up when u tap on the " Online "button.


First of all, you can see who is online, but, the system does often lie

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How can we see that @Robert_Pronk

Just go to your alliance members

But as i said, the system does often lie, so having a faster more updated system would be nice

That system often lie

Sometimes you see someone is offline, i had someone standing offline while i was doing a raid with them and they were choosing loadout

It’s not that it lies. It’s that it only checks periodically to see who is online. If it pinged all 25 alliance members every few seconds, across every alliance, the servers would implode and open a portal to a hell dimension.


And we’d need to call doomguy.

And he’s got his hands full

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Omg haha, now i understand

Well currently doomguy is probably home to on his couch due to the virus

He has full Praetorian Armor. I bet that helmet filters out everything.

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It only filters out smoke, not toxins.

Well, he is a god so i don’t think he could even be affected, if you follow the lore you know he is stronger than 2km high titans and since eternal he absorbs the power of every opponent he kills

Maybe, but one way to know who is online is to check last seen , I have noticed few members in my friend list to show green dots even when in member list it shows last seen 5 min ago, my bet anyone under 5-7 min has higher chance of being online.

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