Indicators for offline/online Alliance members


Now I am not sure if I am missing this in settings or such, as I have noticed anything. But is there a possibility that we can get an indicator for when an Alliance member is online, similar to the one with our friends lists?

The current Co-Op event really highlights the need for this as it will help Alliance members know who’s (awake, lol) online to send invites to. And will help with coordinating future events too.

We do have some form of that right now. When requesting an invite for a co-op you can select the alliance option. It usually will tell you how many people are online in your alliance (by online it means they have been on within the last 10 minutes.) You can also add members of your alliance to your friends list so you can know who specifically online from your alliance, or you can just ask for some help from whoever is online in alliance chat.

Oh ok. You see, usually I am the one getting invites, so I haven’t seen the other side of it.

I guess then, something a bit more accurate? I mean “within last 10 minutes”, seems to be too large of a gap.

Also I have a few people in my friend list who aren’t part of my Alliance. So I am thinking this will also be helpful with those who have active friends lists as well

I was just guessing last 10 minutes, when I tried to invite my alliance it said there was 8 people online, went to the alliance tab and there was 8 people who had been seen In The last 10. It’s pretty accurate and like I said, when you are inviting from your friends list it also shows a green circle near their name to designate that they are online. (I think the same 10 minute thing applies to that.) if you want to know specificly when they were last seen, to check to see if they just got off, you can allways just check their last seen on the stats page of their profile.

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