My anniversary for this game!

On 4/3/2018 was the day I started playing this game, it has been a a very good year playing this amazing game, I met some of the nicest people and I owe a very big Thank You to the one who helped me the most, that person is dont mess, unfortunately he’s no longer active but I wish he was here today to see how much I improved, I also owe to my great alliance, but most importantly I owe to the Hothead company, Thank you for such a wonderful game,

                                                             The only, F1R30RB ![image|666x500](upload://6cVFJHAuJD94hWy8x8w4SahD7qV.jpeg)

Congrats. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

congrats. the image you attached didnt upload correctly


Thank you for being part of the community! :heart:

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