Never thought a single year would make a difference

…and yet here I am. Really never imagined I’d make it this far.

What a wonderful game this is. I know my Hero roster isn’t meta and/or even good but I’m naive af. I’ll get there eventually.


Looking pretty good! I’ve managed to get all gold and above, and I’m only missing oracle and the 3 7stars. You’ve got a few green heroes that you should perhaps look into; Mandrake, Panzer, Ifrit, and Razorback for instance.


0/10 No oofs Godlante not plat

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Your service is commendable! Thanks for being a part of the community.

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Can we roast you alive for your hero choices?

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Do it. If not, I’m gonna call you chicken.

Robot daddy can wait. His faction isn’t even the next boosted faction.

Everyday is Galante being the bonus hero

Awsome man, I have 5 days left for my first year

I spent half a year and still be addicted to this game…
Hope it will still getting better and better!

Very noice. I’ve got two more days til it’s been a year. Still hooked. Great game :call_me_hand:t5: