Mythic skin upgrade cost

Hey all,

Following post “Cost of rare skin till lv 6” here is the cost of the new Mythic skin.

The last upgrade, from lv 5 to lv 6, increases 5 attributes, so I duplicate the SS to show all of them.


I was so happy when i finished the upgrade to max. But saddened as it left me very poor afterwards (in terms of heronium and skin tokens)

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Upgrading plus skins isn’t for the poor of heronium, it’s a bummer I’m spending all of my resources to get Commander up to snuff.

Plus I don’t have Chester really upgraded, I might get him there at some point

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Could u post the actual power number with n w/o the skin?

DreadDought @ level 97 Ruby Skin level6 3180 power different

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Without skin

With skin

With this skin, his ranking in total power is 11th.


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