Mythic skins

It’s an suggestion to deca. You are currently improving this game. So I would like to draw your attention towards mythic skins. A lot of players like me don’t get any mythic skin. And new players entering this game will also never get it no matter how much hard they try. So these players and also existing players can never reach top power like 240k. Mythic skin play a great role in war power.So it will be great if you put mythic skins in a special crate like most wanted or vault crate with very low chance like 0.10 or even 0.01%. it will give hopes to a lot of players like me. I hope you will consider this suggestion and do something according to your standards in future towards it.

rather than that its better to include myhtic skin on usuall skin crate

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Wait a minute… I though skins aren’t in war??? Lol

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