Plus Tokens! Skin shop! (Concept)

I’ll make illustrations later! (For now just imagine the plus icon in coin form)

Plus tokens are a new currency, you can obtain 1 token from the new “Skin shop” for 1k nano dust, these tokens can be applied to skins that do not already have a token added to them, (default plus skins or ones you make plus)

The tokens cannot be added to mythic skins, (CAN be added to legendary skins,)


The skin shop will have 6 purchasable slots

Slot 1 & 2 ; two common skins purchasable for 100k cash, (not skin tokens)
Slot 3; a rare skin for 250k cash
Slot 4; a legendary skin for 1 million cash (beck legendary added to chances)
Slot 5; a limited skin for 1.5k nano dust

rare unavailable skins
Examples; fibers scarecrow skin, serials heronium infected skin, hecklers bony skin, war dealer verril, (mainly just plus skins or non plus that aren’t available anymore, (lancer uaf skin))
Slot 6; plus token, 2x buys possible for 1k nano dust

This shop will reset every “WEEK”
(yes week) it will run on the same time schedule as patrol crates,

all players have same store options

  !!! **cannot be restocked** !!!

If you already own the items in the shop that week, slots one and two are replaced with a claimable reward of 100 heronium / 200 nano dust, (i can’t decide!)
Slot 3 will have 400 of the “claimable”
4.will have 200 claimable stamina (yes stamina)
5 will have 300 claimable stamina (yes more stamina)
6 will only be clear if all skins you own are currently upgraded to plus skins,
(the reward is 1 most wanted token)


System that makes it so that we can make all skins plus skins, rather than the devs just making more and more skins, while also making vault crate skins obtainable and a use for “Skin Nano-dust”

Working on visualization rn btw

Next idea; COMPLETE overhaul of the ruby system, (implants)

some of these skins were event skins such as scavenger hunts. people worked together to find them and get that skin. would be a slap to the face it it became available like nothing in a store.

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True, I understand skins like “Bony” for heckler remaining unobtainable, but skins the fibers and serials weren’t exclusive, (fibers was in a crate when she came out if I remember correctly, similar to the way these new heros skins are obtained, (they are in the vault crate but hers isn’t???))

Basically just skins from “The Vault Crate” so hopefully no hard slaps in the face,
(I’ve seen 6 bar fibers missing the skin and I think they deserve a way to get it)
Edit; and maybe a use for cool skins like “Heronium Infected” rather than just making a endless loop of new skins, this would be easier for the devs, {maybe make a offer or two for some profit and a one store restock for 500 nano dust if ur vip lvl 5+})

I like the idea but think it should be a straight conversion to skin tokens. Give a option to create skin tokens by using nano dust stock piles.
Example: 500 nano dust = 1 token.
We all need those tokens sooner or later and would make for a simpler nano dust solution. Would also free up heronium funds to be used in store. The nano dust stockpile issue is a small problem that deserves a easy solution. I doubt deca will do anything but if they did i would imagine the easiest fix possible is the way they would go. :slight_smile:


Well that would ruin the grind, this way you have to BE there, no little pay to instant complete, this makes it a nice slow grind, (plus maybe offers for skin tokens if they want)

Edit; yes o believe nano dust should be able to buy EVERY skin that isn’t limited, additionally maybe transferable to heronium or stamina, bc rn there is so much nano dust ppl can’t use

I agree on this. Mythic skins sure. But these skins should stay rare like they are now

Agreed, skins that were earned should stay that way, (especially scavenger hunt skins)
But skins that were earned from events like voltages skin, spewages, fibers, etc… maybe they should be added to the vault crate bc some already are there,

Additionally I just updated the bottom of the subject for those who already own the skins in the shops, a reward :eyes:

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