Need a good Pve team

I need a team for campaign district 12 and hard district 9 I have more power than suggested but struggling to find a 3 star team any suggestions will be appreciated.

These five carried me through the majority of the campaign. Even beat Kurtz on only the second try.

Dogface panzer matador butter nightgale
with nightgale mark on kurtz and let guys kill so sincerely u made a mistake of many instead of rising the stars preferred to raise levels up to platinum it only gets worse I advise climbing the stars if you do not forget …

even so I think it will still be difficult … by the levels of stars …

What do u mean? (20 characters stuff)

I personally reccomend kunochi over the entire course, she does great against kurtz and even greater when playing against the UAF batrayers/commando, purifier etc together with some good backup dps and decent support you should be able to go, hit me up in pm for extra help (M E L L O W)

What carried me through hard missions is Carabina. If you can keep her alive, an upgraded plat Cara helps tremendously when you can get her gold/plat charges off. Boosts every allies dps, which gives heft to your team offensively.

For example, at this level:

At 10 charges:
Each ally gets 31,250 bonus attack damage per second.
Cara gets 23,480 bonus attack damage per shot.

(Also, Stars > Bars. Focus on getting hero fragments instead of getting materials for Plat 2 or something.)

I can also agree, Cara is often ignored, but I used her with Shivs, Hive and Oracle for healing and major damage against hard mission bosses. She was a life saver during the scavenger hunts when I had to get through district 13 and 14