How do I beat Campaign 11-9 hard with 3 stars?

The Helioses in this level is tough. REALLY tough. Unlike normal, which was fun and easy, the level is beyond hell difficulty to 3 star. I can beat it, but i cannot maintainall team to stay up alive even if they are all platinum and near 10 stars.

The only thing I find difficult about this is the 198k damage missiles which hurts more than 5 Panzers combined and the Hp is literally a submarine

Dogface plus four tanks worked with me. Mandrake, Butter, Phalanx, Heimlock, Gammond or Matador would be my recommendation.

Rolling around like your burning also helped to save my heroes.

How? You don’t. You play it over and over and hope to be lucky and your AI decides to dodge instead of freezing like a rabbit when the nukes are headed their way.

I was lucky enough to clear it with 1 star. I’ll wait to be lv 80 and plat 1/2 before trying again

The herores, especially the tanks, need guidiance. Noticed it in PvP too, that Matador, Gammond and Heimlock often forget about there heals. I dodged with the lowest HP hero manually and looked out for the healswhenever i did not have to dodge. Worked out quite well.

Tanks, tanks, tanks. The problem with the Helios on Hard Mode is that it will one shot a squishy target. So if you bring Caine, Nightengale, Ifrit, etc to the battle as your healer, they’re gonna die. No amount of healing is going to save them from being one-shot.

I ran it with all 10* Plat Heroes which definitely helps because the health pool gets so high: Panzer, Dogface, Heimlock, Gammond, and Mandrake. Heim/Gammond provided the primary healing, Mandrake would cloak anybody that got hit by a big shot until they could be filled back up with health, and Panzer/Dog to make quick work of the Helios. Focus on one till it goes down before starting on the other.

Everyone here is correct in someway. Either hope the A.I. dodges the 120k damage missiles or tank the Helios’ damage with tanks, healers, and tank healers. Check out one of my older posts about this topic; everyone roasted me.

I brought tanks and Flatline. Manually controlled and dodged with flatline and revived the idiot tanks that stood in fire and died.

What did I miss? :sweat_smile:

Nothing too important. Me not wanting to waste a lot of energy trying this stage over and over again lol

Btw. He asked for hard mode and not for normal.

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@Great_Fiji for your information, Helios WAS incredibly difficult because of multiple truck-hitting missiles back in September. The Helios now is nerfed to fire fewer missiles.

So it’s pretty easy to deal with if you have heroes with 7 or more stars with platinum grades in normal, but harder in hard mode.

On the other hand you revived this 5 month old topic unnecessarily by means of arts of necromancy. This thread is going to shut down. Thanks.

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@Great_Fiji - Please let old threads die in peace. (And he was asking for hard mode specifically, not normal.)

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