New 5* hero concept: Lupus

Backstory: Max “Lupus” Drake served on the force all his life. He dedicated his life to the front lines, keeping things in order and his people safe. He spent most of his time with the K-9 unit division. An experimental process gave him the chance to be the K-9 unit in one, giving him the agility, the strength, the sense of a K-9 to rid the streets of evil. But all experiments come with a price…

Weapon: high powered pistol


  • Bronze: Swift Lunge (lunges at the enemy and furiously slashes at them 5 times )
  • Silver: echo pulse (throws a grenade that explodes giving out an echo wave. enemies caught within range become disoriented and take damage while they remain present. reveals invisible enemies)
  • Gold: Bleed (enemies afflicted by swift lunge have a chance to bleed. stacks up to 3 times)
  • Platinum: Rage (when hero drops below 40%, goes into a rage mode that increases speed, damage boost)
  • Ruby: insert ruby description

Picture will appear shortly, i cant draw at all. but hope you understand it.


Good concept! Love it! Too bad I can’t even draw…

Thanks dude. Believe me, I struggled here.

I struggled drawing it. Made it worse that the pencil I was using, the eraser dried up years ago. Used my hand as that model for the claws.