New Hero Concept - Ares

Name: Ares
Faction: KLG Black Ops
Class: Bio-Chem
Weapon: MS16 Trooper “Lightweight tactical rifle makes it good for close-quarter combat”


  • Bronze: Burst Shot (allows you to shoot more bullets and do more damage, but run out of bullets faster in order to reload again)
  • Silver: Shield throw (taunts the enemy. The more damage the shield takes, the stronger the throw will be
  • Gold: Recovery (recover some health based on how much damage you absorb with the shield)
  • Plat: Bounce (has a chance to bounce between enemies before returning to the hero)
  • Ruby: whatever the ruby bonus for the heroes

The Plat will work similar to Astrix, except that the shield will return even if you move positions.

The shield will be an partly energy wise. enough to pop up when needed and gone when not in use.

Thought of this as a mixture of the styles of Captain America and Athena (Borderlands) as far as the shield goes.

Weapon is based off a gun I love to use in Far Cry 5. Only there, i have it with a silencer and scope. But its still a tactical weapon, even if you are far away.