Solo /coops raids and pvp maps !?

In the game there is 100 map in the campain mode
And still
The game is stuck in those old rusty maps
And when they decided to do something uniqe
The vapor color in solo raids map got changed

Creat something new
Or Use campain maps from another perspective
Do anything
End this repeating madness

i am not a hater
I love the game
i really do
and this is the longest time in my life playing a game this long (year)

And sorry


@Zali, thanks for your feedback.

I’ll bring your feedback to the team. Do you have a favourite District that you might like to see new parts of?


I too would like to see a whole bunch more PvP maps… kinda sucks repeating the same 5 maps over and over and over again.
Maybe over the course of the next few updates, the addition of some new PvP maps should be a major focus.
Idk about everyone else but I’d like to see at least double to triple the amount of maps than there currently is.


While I also believe that more PvP maps would be good (I would love to see a PvP map based on district 10 forest-like maps. 4 out of 5 PvP maps are inside buildings), at least there are 5, currently, so it’s not that bad.

Solo raids are all done in the very same map (the factory-like one). And so are all co-op event raids (the Ranger’s base from district 10)

I agree with Zali that we could use more variety on that front. It’s a shame that we have at least 100 different maps from campaign and they keep repeating the same 2 maps over and over for all raids.

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Also Bounty Maps please, we desperately need to get out of the Shanty Town for those. City Park for Frontline bounties. Airport (Night Time) for Midline bounties. High Rise for Rearline bounties.


1,3,6,7,10 districts got some good Maps which could be used in pvp

After all the angry talk about changing maps and do something uniqe to keep players attached to the game

The dojo is back…:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:
Let me speak on behalf of all HH players
This comeback is certainly not welcomed😡

And believe it or not
One of my alliance members reported me that he is deleting the game just because the dojo is back :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Bravo HH developers team and thanks to you all for the really hard work you all putting in the game to really satisfy the HH players

To be fair it is not that easy to create new maps. You have to design, program and then test them. After you are done with testing, you have to do everything again to get rid of glitches and bugs. So to get new maps every update would be to much.

Still im with you, a new map every now and then would be nice.

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Well, City Hall was an old map that I had never played, so when it was “back” it was entirely new to me. I enjoyed something new.

Same will happen with a lot of players that joined these last 2 months. A new raid that they can be excited for.

I would like to feel that excitement from a new raid, too, but for now I will let new players enjoy dojo.

Also, I think that deleting the game just because dojo is back is a bit extreme. Dojo wasnt THAT bad.

Dojo should even be easier and this for faster than city hall. Just go in full mech and it will be done in 2:30 minutes

I actually prefer Dojo to City Hall.

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Me too. It sounds like a rushed reason to quit the game because of the Dojo. That player can’t have been very committed.

In the middle of all the frustration for the current state of the PvP, I wanna thank the devs for using a different map for the new raid. Seeing the forest instead of the factory made me a bit happier :slight_smile:


Yup thats a step at the right road