New Crate Idea: 2nd Chance Crate

I’ll preface this by saying I’ve only been playing HH since the Quasary update. While I’d love an opportunity to unlock Serial, (as well as other 7 stars), I can eventually get a chance for these without new features (like with most wanted tokens or if DECA does another Serial/Patriots faction event). I’d like the chance to address some game items I would love a chance to unlock, because I do not believe there is one: limited time items line mythic skins.

What if there was a 2nd chance crate that rotated weekly/monthly/etc that gave players an opportunity to unlock the limited event costumes? You could make the new crate tokens a bounty prize, or have players use skin tokens, nano dust, co-op prize, or other currency for RNG draw.

I’m talking one featured prize at a time, just like with the limited event crates for new skin releases. Other prizes found be energy, currency, etc.

For example, you could have a second chance crate where Bandit Duran is the featured prize. I understand this is selfish of a player like me to ask, since I missed my chance… but some of these costumes are really cool (plague doctor heimlock, for example). Costumes also increase power. Just wondering if its possible, and if giving newer players the opportunities to earn some of these items would upset any veterans that earned them during the limited event windows


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