Update to Guilded Crate?

Hi @Deca_Willow

I’ve mentioned this before but haven’t heard any feedback. Could we please have the Astral and Void heroes added to the Guilded Crate?



Hello! Thank you for the question! I have already mentioned this to our team so it can be considered in the future. :blush:


Great - thank you for the response!

Please bring back the guilded fest also

It never happened under the constant begging when HH was around, it most definitely won’t happen under DECA

Additionally, can 3 star heros or less be removed from the most wanted crate and replaced with 5 stars and 4 stars, as well as the forged fantasy heros or the forged fantasy crate token.

3 star heros aren’t exaclty the most wanted, and pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we would be better off without them in the crate.
(Also please add sheshen to the gilded crate, a lot of people haven’t gotten her yet and there is no way to obtain her)


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