New December Hero Contest - Winners Announced!

A new People’s Guard member is joining the hunt soon! Welcome… KAISHI, the Martial Duelist! :facepunch:

Want a chance to win Kaishi?
Take your best guess of who he is and what Kaishi’s backstory might be!


Hunters! Kaishi will be joining the Hunt in our December Update coming soon! Congratulations to our Contest Winners! Special props to Babacar :1st_place_medal:who pretty much nailed Kaishi’s story (as well as SS4U2NV :rofl: for giving us a good chuckle)!

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Oof he looks like a relative to Ronin, Mx predicted this in his story, he migt have been a victim to an incident that forced him to take arms.

Definitely looks like he could be related to Ronin. I think they may be the complete opposites to each other though. Ronin is all about waiting for the right time to fight so Kaishi would be all about starting the fight and being reckless.

Back story could be something like because Kaishi was more reckless he joined KLG member while Ronin went to Peoples guard. They ended up fighting and Kaishi finally saw the errors in his way and joined back up with Ronin and the guard.

Kaishi is white paper used for miscellaneous purposes. The name indicates that it is paper kept handy in the bosom overlap of the kimono.

Given his name’s meaning he is likely a valued warrior scribe that answers to a secret leader - he is cavalier yet honorable and prefers to handle his business one on one with his enemy well aware of his intent. He has a list of foes that have fallen to his quick draw and steady aim and unlike Santa he has no need to check it twice.

Kaishi a long lost brother of Steve Stifler funny , who was known for his drunken antics and trying to lay any college girl he could and for his mothers promiscuous nature. Well kaishi didnt take the constant jokes about his mother very well and landed in a dark place so he trained for many years to become an ultimate killer so he could silence anyone who would dare to make jokes about stiflers/his mom. its quite sad that they turned out so differently… :rofl:


Despite decades of high-intensity training with his preferred weapon - his fists - Kaishi is not unwilling to hone his firearm skills when the task at hand demands it. Within his cyborg-like robotic exoskeleton suit, reserve biofuel is kept in canisters to feed his weapons. This reserve ammunition is a necessity for someone with a quick trigger finger and an even quicker temper - things Kaishi is not afraid to admit.

Preferring the elegance of one-on-one combat, the duelist has learned through experience that things aren’t always so simple. Joining forces with the People’s Guard has led to situations where the numbers are much less forgiving, forcing him to fend off hordes of enemies that would seek to undermine the financial empire of the Guard. Narrowly escaping several attempts at his life has created a distinct distrust of others within him, resulting in his now subdued and stoic disposition.

Despite his past however, he remains loyal to the Guard; the people he calls his family. After all, they cared for him and nurtured him into the cold emotionless killer he has become. Because this quality has kept him alive through the years, he can’t help but feel as if he owes them something; and with nothing else to give, it’s his loyalty on the line.

An ancient Odachi student as Kunoichi and Hideo, shocked and ashamed when he discovered what Klg was doing he took weapons against them by joining People’s Guard in hope of making things better, only to discover that P.G were Kurtz puppets

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Kaishi is the younger brother of Ronin, both were trained in prestigious Temple of the People’s Guard. Ronin was always favored for his discipline, patience and humble traits by the honorable Sensei. Kaishi being the shadow of his brother he decided to ventured off to make a name for himself and left the People’s Guard.

While on his journey, he discovered various fighting styles and unique skills which peaked his interest. He was taught the dark arts of Bio induced skills from Mauler (factionless at the time), with double wielded disruptive skills and the ability to boost damage, this made Kaishi a deadly opponent to be reckoned with. Having differences with Mauler he parted ways to continue to hone his skills.

After a year Kaishi returns to the People’s Guard for one motive…to be a freaking badass

Divided by blood, bound by honor.

Kaishi and his younger brother Ronin have always been driven by sibling rivalry. Raised in the honorable Ashikaga family clan, the two brothers were born into a life dedicated to martial mastery. The younger brother strove to excel in the use of his staff, frequently boasting in his ability and impressing his elders. The older brother, more wise and withdrawn of the two, chose the path of the prudent gunslinger, combining his study of bioenergetical containment with his fascination with western technology.

But war proves what the honor of men is made of. At the onset of fighting, the naive, foolish Ronin scoured the war-torn cities defending those he believed needed defending, and harming those that didn’t. Kaishi chose to remain with his clan, protecting his home, and rejecting his brother’s foolishness.

Such a choice would have a price, as Ronin and Kaishi would meet, as if by fate, at the revered dojo, responding to what was a petty, desperate robber. Steadfast mercy collided with cold-hearted justice; Kaishi with Ronin…

…and nothing was the same since.

The two, because of the threat against the Ashikaga clan, chose to serve in the People’s Guard. Ronin became the Wandering Protector, while Kaishi chose the path of a martial duelist. They have one objective: to protect the innocent from harm. But they have two very different ways to go about it. Perhaps they will unite when the threat rises above both of them. Perhaps, treachery and dishonor will befall one of them before that happens.

Perhaps this is a matter of blood.

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He is a cousin to Ronin and he was asked to join the People’s Guard to protect the innocent people. Kurtz and his corrupted Law Givers have waged war against the people’s guard since they helped the magistrates. Ronin back stabbed Kurtz and now Kaishi has vowed to protect his cousin Ronin against Kurtz and his corruption and his evil forces.

Kaishi being at the backstage of people guard just realized that he can be the one who can take the revenge from Kurtz. Now he is ready to come from district 12 to here and join the hunt yo just out shadow all her allied people guard and get a chance to just crash Kurtz .

Cómo su nombre lo dice al probablemente chino significa empezar y puede tener alguna relación con ronnin ó odachi o talvez sea de otra parte de Asia como Korea

Game bio:
Single combat duelist. Able to isolate his mark and go into trance with his bio enhancement. Inflicting great damage while impervious to pains from other sources.


Many called Kaishi by his other nickname, “Aniki”.

Born out of poverties and selected for cyber ninja enhancement, Kaishi was casted out of KLG’s special black op program by his early teens. Reason? Simple. He has a impetuous attitude and challenging spirit towards authorities.

Wondering the wasteland of the outskirts of Kurtz’s territory, the dropout soon found his calling. He would get into constant brawls with the patrolling Magistrates for standing up for the little people. The brawls became shorter as he grew older, as well a loyal band of brothers who called him “Aniki” - big boss.

People’s Guard recruited Kaishi in hope his reputation would make him the perfect henchmen guard. Except Kaishi took the credo to heart, standing up for the little people still, thwarting many disguised efforts when People’s Guards offered “protections”.

Though his actions had gained a permanent deployment in the roughest and poorest district in the land, some People’s Guard’s members started questioning PG’s loyalty and started their own small campaign to help out the needy.

Kaishi’s family was killed when he was young. The People’s Guard saw great potential in him so they decided to recruit and train him from a very young age. During his training with Ronin and Mauler, he has shown a great interest for the art of combat. Now he is a sworn protector and has earned not only a permanent spot among the People’s Guard, but also the respect of allies and foes alike.

Kaishi - A story of honor.

When the great war started there were no factions to rely on, it was Kurtz’ army or death by their hand. Many perished and others learned to defend for themselves.

Kaishi grew strong dueling any who opposed him, mastering his martial art skills. When many decided their strength lied in numbers he chose to keep to himself.

While wandering the war-torn city he was encountered by Ronin, offering him salvation from Kurtz’ reach. Kaishi declines. Ronin becoming angry, demanding he pay or suffer the consequence of his decision. Kaishi declines again.

Infuriated, Ronin leaps with his staff and delivers what he thought was a devastating blow! Dust settles… Kaishi is standing there with a smirk on his face and his hand placed upon the staff in a defensive guard. Ronin is taken aback, a bit nervous at this point. “How?” He exclaims. “No one has ever…”. Kaishi than clutches his fist and makes contact with Ronin’s chest, sending him stumbling backward. The shear force causes Ronin to lose his breath - proving Kaishi is not a foe to be tested.

They continue to battle, exchanging attack after attack. Eventually exhausting one another, they lose focus to distant footsteps getting closer and closer. All grows quiet… Suddenly a building is demolished in front of their eyes and out-steps a gorgon mech which was clearing the town for Kurtz’ army. They look back at one another and give a slight nod - a small gesture to set their differences aside for the time being.

Defeating the giant mech, Kaishi begins to walk away unscathed as if nothing happened. Ronin grabs his shoulder. Kaishi reacts defensively turning around clutching his fist again only to see Ronin smiling, now bowing. “Thank you for the duel, but I must go. Maybe we will meet again some day.” “I would exchange an invitation for you to join my group, but you seem to know how to take care of yourself.”.

As Ronin is leaving, Kaishi, unaware of how to take this in. He ponders for a moment…

“Wait.” Kaishi demands. “What is the name of your group?”


Kaishi & Ronin - The Deadliest Duo of The Triad.

Back before the Kurtz big invasion, there was a most feared triad gang leader named Zhang. He is heavily inspired with Yakuza and Japanese tradition.

Zhang runs his business in most districts, money laundering, extortion, arms dealing you named it. And if someone dares to stand oppose him, they just become another history to tell.

Zhang is remarkable by spotting some ‘new gifts’, each district he raids and each faction he fights, he always found a new talent to brought back home, a leftover child after the clash.

Right in district 12, Zhang found a sibling left for dead by their parents. He takes them both, raised them and named them as Ronin and Kaishi.

With his remarkable fighting skills and that father bound relationship, Zhang raises ‘his kid’ into his deadliest loyal and arms he could have. Along with Odachi and Hideo, Ronin and Kaishi trained together.

Years later the deadliest four already make a name for themself, especially the deadliest duo of triad, Ronin and Kaishi.

And one day, when the siblings are away, their home got invaded by Kurtz army. When they comeback, there is nothing left except their dying father lying in the ground along with another hundreds of dead bodies. With his last breath, Zhang told the siblings that Kurtz army has taken Odachi and Hideo.

And his final words slowly said: “To stay on his paths”.

Fueled with revenge, they planned to avenge his dead father.

Start by trying to recapture their brothers, Odachi and Hideo. Ronin and Kaishi ambush one of Kurtz base which believed that Odachi and Hideo were taken, only to find that Odachi and Hideo already formed alliance with KLG.

Devastated by the truth and have no home to come back, they become a wanderer like a dog without a master. Until they encounter a former Russian mafia named Mauler…

Start with uneasy conversations and hard feelings, they finally agreed on something… to avenge their clans.

They start the rebellion against Kurtz by forming an alliance. With Ronin blade skills and perfectly timed attacks, and Kaishi fast-paced martial arts skills they claim any settlements controlled by Kurtz one by one, and they found some allies along the way.

In short months, they become a faction. Name themselves as ‘People’s Guard’ with the symbol of Power and Prosperity.

Ronin and Mauler become the great leader of the faction itself, they turns themselves from an avenger into a savior. But something feels not quite right for Kaishi, he feels that his not staying in his father paths anymore.

Ronin and Kaishi had hard arguments which make Kaishi left the faction, drifted away, Kaishi lead his way back to Odachi and Hideo. Not only Odachi and Hideo, even Kurtz welcomed him.

While in KLG faction Kaishi gain more combat skills, including an exoskeleton suit powered with bio-chem fuels to boost himself. It gives him an adrenaline boost to become more agile and deadly on the battlefield.

For some reason Kaishi feels like he was home for one more time.

Months later, KLG finally take a full control over People’s Guard and formed an alliance, running extortion, money laundering and arms dealing business. Knowing that, Kaishi see a glimpse of chance to reunite with his sibling.

With both faction become allies, Kaishi ask Kurtz to let him join People’s Guard so he could bond with his brother once again. And Kurtz let him.

Both Ronin and Kaishi quickly break their barriers and stand side by side again, but this time they aren’t playing Robin Hood no more, they just become them… The deadliest duo of the Triad.


Kaishi was once a former triad hitman who prefers fighting over talking. He is brother to ronin but when the world fell apart so did he. He abandoned all and left since he no path to follow. He spent years in seclusion until his path crossed with a seer named, Halo. She informed of how the world was and convinced him to the People’s Guard. It was not until he realized that his brother’s path also led him to join the guard.

Reunited with his brother again under the People’s Guard banner, Kaishi found a renewed purpose and vigor. The world has changed and so must he too. Kaishi is able to handle himself in one on one combat but is not afraid of a challenge. His enemies never what hits them until it is to late. His bullets are tainted with poison as he weaves In and out of sight.

Castellan Called a meeting to discuss the raise in Crime and what the Peoples Guard need to do to keep the People save and meet the new Challenges head on. After the meeting they went out on patrol when they came across a group holding up a family at gun point just about to step in when there youngest son stepped forward ‘Kaishi’. He asked the group to leave his family alone and go about there business and consider their own actions its not to late to change their ways.

The group just laughed and the leader pointed his gun at the youngster. Instead of fear that the leader was expecting the young lad simple looked at him and said I gave you a option to change your ways and you leave me no choice. He quickly dealt with the leader relinquishing him of his arms sending him flying back into his group. Before the group had time to react Halo stood at the young boys side with Castellan taking up position. The group surrendered without any further resistance, Halo told Kaishi off for taking such a risk with such a large group to take on his own but then praised him for standing up for what is right.
After a quick chat with the other Guards and the boy’s family it was agreed that he would be trained with people’s guard and help meet the new Challenges head on with them. Today is the day that training has finally paid off and Kaishi is a full time guardian of the People.

He’s my cousins brother in-laws uncles stepson from my mothers side twice removed! He was Viciously bullied by greasers cause he loved to dance to show tunes. One day he learned about dance fighting and trained like Rocky Balboa to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” and now he’s out to get revenge at the end of the year dance fight off!

I think he is a martial artist, younger brother of ronin. Following in ronins footsteps he decided to fight against the KLG with the people’s guard, using various martial art melee attacks to defeat the Lawgivers