Ronin Nerfed is unfair - Give him his power back please!

You nerfed Ronin because he suposed to be overpowered but now Kurtz, and even Shivs are “overpowered” too, I think you should give ronin back his power or give him a legendary skin that makes him recover his power as the last time.


…Umm…I think you don’t understand his stand in the meta, he’s still pretty powerful


I think shivs and kurtz cause too much damage even with the meta, panzer and dog for exemple can´t do what kurz and shivs, and Ronin was nerfed not just one but twice, and even three times, and I think it was the same power than shivs has, Kurtz is overpowered too, I think ronin will never be like that :confused:

But I think he must recover his power, a new skin will be great, if he is as powerful as Kurtz or more, I could pay even 3k in gold for that skin hahaha .

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Ronin is already unfair enough, his design suitis perfectly for min maxing


hahaha that is what I hope, to make this public, maybe some will agree and others disagree, but I think this is the best way to protest about those nerfed heroes.


At the very least I agree that Shivs is OP. Her damage is insane and her reload rate is godly. I’d say that apart from her Plat for attack boost, she can do without every other skill. They need to nerf the reload rate at the very least to balance out the high attack.
She’s the equivalent of giving Dogface like 5 times faster reload rate or something.

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Maybe that is the thing, maybe Ronin has good power but Shivs and kurtz are overpowered, there is no balance in the game, I have many friends that have gone to other games since Kurtz is that overpowered and there is nothing to do when he charges his ability, it should be good but not to kill all the heroes in one only charge.

On the other hand I am serious about the new legendary skin for Ronin, I would pay maybe 3k in gold for a good skill that makes him be fair against kurtz, something like a super replica or something like that will be great lol.

I too feel Kurtz is very overpowered.

I think it’s cool that Shivs is a front line beserker with killer DPS. And I guess her skills make people like cross, kaishi, and phoenix more relevant (bc they cure bad effects like the kind shivs does) but Shiv’s health is too much for someone with that much damage. It should be one or the other not both. Compare the survivability of Shivs with that of say another frontline beserker, like Savage. Shivs is waaaay harder to kill than savage, and probably does more DPS too. Sometimes I focus Shivs the entire match with a total DPS boss (maybe even mark her) and still can’t take her down. She’s seems tankier than even cast, and his DPS sucks (but it should, he has like the highest health in the game I believe). She also seems tankier than Shank, and I thought he was supposed to be the tanky one, and her the DPS one?

I think Ronin is just fine where he is now. On the right team he’s still very powerful.

I really like the idea of a hard-to-get skin adding insane power or new skills. Like Lancer has the health skin for war; a new skin to make a mediocre hero DPS would be cool.



That’s all people do with kurtz

Yes, without Shank support, Shivs should be as fragile as Kunoichi and Asterix, and she isn’t.

I really don’t understand all these different posts and threads about OP heroes and nerfs people think are needed, or weren’t needed, or both. I beat Kurtz, I lose to Kurtz. I beat Shivs, I lose to Shivs, I beat Ronin, I lose to Ronin, I use Ronin successfully and unsuccessfully. I’ve even beaten a Kurtz team of Kurtz, Shivs, Mandrake, Flatline and Keel with my main tank an energy hero and the supposedly now super weak Ronin on my team. No hearts lost! I strongly suggest to you folks take a minute to study team composition as the reason you have such a hard time with these supposedly OP characters or such a hard time being successful with the supposedly crippled Ronin.


Kurtz and Shivs are overpowered, I am asking Ronin to be as least as he was before he was nerfed, or they should nerf Kurtz and Shivs too. To be fair, it is not as you say, I beat Kurtz, I loose Kurtz, that is not a real point, because Kurtz usually wins, unless he with a bad player (Really bad one), or the fight is against other kurtz, but then the game is only Kurtz Vs Kurtz? And shivs, well I agree with the others opinion, maybe she loads too fast and has too much health for the damage. And if you beat that kurtz you say, your oponent was a really really bad player.

Because of elemental disadvantage using Ronin is not the ideal option to fight Kurtz. It’s so much better to make new team composition in order to adapt to the Kurtz meta.
The opponent in screenshot is an extremely good Kurtz player, my Odachi team could have defeated if I didn’t pay attention to the kill order.

asking for ronin buff will just make pvp worse for everyone else.

tldr; there are many heroes out there who does better job than Ronin


Ronin is still a beast! And op in his own fashion, still beats 80-90 percent of teams

Give Ronin a Legendary skin would be awesome!

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So, just to be clear, the ONLY way I beat the Kurtz team I mentioned was because that player had no skill? Are you sure it’s not a combination of my being a pretty good PVP player and that I used a team of characters that work well together? Just because YOU think Kurtz (or input future hero that you can’t beat) is unbeatable and needs to be nerfed doesn’t make it true. Clearly Kurtz is not unbeatable as evidenced by Nyris’ screen shot. By the way, I defeat Kurtz teams on average about 2 of every three matches. The team that Nyris beat is a nightmare Kurtz team too, both in composition and that it was Razielo.


Raz let you win! :smiley:

all you need is Min in your team, Kurtz is still pretty slow, you can tear him apart by Mauler, Odachi, but you cant expect that you kill well shielded kurtz using ronin

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