“New defense cannot be submit” clarification (or bug?)


Blue Tile 128 (enemy tile) is isolated.
I want to edit my defense in Zone 2 but the submission is denied.
And the reason is shown as “An enemy alliance has started attacking…” which cannot be true since the tile is cut off from blue (no alliance is touching the tile at all).
Could anyone tell me why it is denied? Is it a bug? Or something I miss? Dev? Thx

Surprise Attack :slight_smile:

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There is a new perk which allows you to scout a sector and attack it whilst being cut off, if they take control of the sector or their scout timer runs out they will no longer be able to attack that tile

@Draco @Gale … I m aware of the new feature. But the interesting thing is that the denial will just last for the rest of the time. No attack and defense is registered in the log.

From what I can see you do not own the sector yet. Until you remove all of the enemy forces you cannot edit any of your defense there. It does not matter that they are cut off. The attack has been started.

Yea, this is also how I try to justify the denial. But then the reason provided by the rejection screen should say something like this…
“Hey, it isn’t your tile… u can’t edit it.”
Isn’t it nice and clear?