About district 14 enemies

for several months now half the enemies on district 14 have a question mark for a face and when you click them they say to update the game to see the heroes, but i’ve gone thru a few updates and it hasn’t changed. it was not that way when district 14 was released, and it shows commando and purifier and lancer but there’s other heroes it won’t show. if we are facing these enemies idk why we can’t see their basic skills. is there a reason for this? and how long till we can see these heroes?

post script- i’m more curious now considering you guys have released 2 of them as playable heroes. and “irreguarding” steele, his skins new skill says it stuns and silences the enemy. isn’t that redundant? like saying irregardless instead of regardless? if you’re stunned you can’t use skills anyway so why say silenced considering?.. there’s my 10¢, my 2¢ is free

When stunned your skills still recover their cooldowns. Silence also stops skills from recovering cooldown.

It’s the ultimate in suppressing fire!