Alliance war

Unable to join alliance war

We’re working on the communication here.

Today is the “Opt-in Period” this means that you wont be able to actually play the War until tomorrow when the War actually begins. There was a little bit of an issue with the button, but everything else seems to be working normally.

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Pour ma part nous avons pu confirmer notre entrée dans la guerre d’alliance mais maintenant quand on click sur l’icône pour accéder à la guerre, rien ne se passe…

Anyone can translate it ?

For my part we were able to confirm our entry into the alliance war but now when we click on the icon to access the war, nothing happens

It’s a pretty new topic for me as my alliance was not in war before!! So I am very excited for that !!

I want to know what they mean by, “Heroes can only be used in an attack once per day, unless they are rushed”. Are they introducing spending of gold now? I sure hope not.

We were able to rush used heroes on the previous beta. When you use a hero attacking, you can rush it to use this hero again instead of waiting 24hrs

Joueur Ă©ligible 24/15 ?

Il n’y a que 15 participants par alliance ?

You couldn’t use an attacking hero more than once in the previous beta. I can’t recall if you could rush. You can move heroes around as much as you want for defending though.

Sorry if Google translate really messed this up. I can read French ok but I suck at speaking. So here’s my attempt to respond.

vous devez avoir au moins 15 membres dans votre alliance pour être éligible à la guerre. et chaque membre doit avoir un pouvoir d’équipe supérieur à 10 000. vous en avez 24, donc vous êtes bon.

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Thank you @Haywire0311

I remember how it worked. I just don’t remember there being a rush button. Seeing that in the description kind of frightened me a little that they are going to turn this into a pay to win. Which is something I remember you explicitly said not to do.