New Hero Concept: Aion - Chronologist

Element: Energy
Faction: Global Forces
Position: Rearline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 5/5

Time is a gift not to be messed with.
I did it… and I’m paying the consequences.

Time Stop - Medium Support - Glass Cannon.
A poor soul who got mixed up in bigger business than him.
Now he is stuck in an eternal time loop and forced to live every day in his torment.

Bronze: Short Pause - wraps the entire battlefield in a time bubble that slows everything inside for 10sec.
All allies and enemies are slowed down by 50%.
The speed of fired bullets, reload weapon and skill of all heroes are slowed by 50%.

  • The skill has no effect on the hero, but suffers a 15% damage reduction.

Silver: Back in Time - a nova explodes that blocks the battlefield and brings it back in the timer by 6 sec.
Enemies will be locked in place, suffering a regression of time and losing health very quickly and all fired bullets will return and cause damage, but 50% of the damage will be halved.

  • generated troops will be destroyed during the skill action.

Gold: Temporal stability - after [Short Break] or [Back in Time] ends their effects, enemies will suffer a 3-second de-stressing and stunting.
The hero suffers disorientation and reduced armor for 4sec.

Platinum: Second Chance - when the hero is the last to die, [Second Chance] is activated by rewinding time and bringing all the eliminated allies back to life.
If the hero dies first, the skill will bring him back to life after 7sec not activating at the second death.

  • If there are two Aion in the game, the skill will only activate once.

Appearance: is a visibly old man, tall, with long grey hair and a long, unkempt beard.
He wears a torn cloak with a hood covering half his face, old bluish black clothes, grey bandages on arms and legs and a long dark grey scarf.

His Weapon: The Hourglass, is a semi-automatic rifle with 12 shots, precise and fast but it lacks in firepower and reloading speed.

it’s an old draw

shooting rate : 6.25
ammunition capacity : 12
recharge time : 2.4 seconds
damage : Extremaly Low


Very interesting! Though … from what I’ve seen in other posts, his Bronze would be very difficult to implement into the game.

Love me some Joji. Part of my nightly sleepytime playlist.