Hero Idea: Zero

Zero: Time Leaper
Mid-Line Energy Disruptor
Yakuza/People’s Guard
Assault Rifle: Clockwork Accelerator
Health/Defensive Ratings: 2/5
Damage: 2/5
Fire Rate: 3 Shots Every Second
Clip Size: 18 Bullets

A Klg test subject who got caught in a particle accelerator accident, temporarily boosting her speed up to levels approaching the speed of light, while slowing down her perception of time. She then stole as much equipment as she could, and sold alot to the Yakuza to ensure herself a good position, and secure a foothold for the incoming gang.

[Time Out] Bronze
Zero stops time and unloads her clip on the target all at once. Deal (light) damage for each bullet left in her clip and automatically reload. (Looks like one shot in real time).

[Rewind] Silver
Zero and a selected ally get [Temporal Anchor] for 9 seconds. After which they are returned to the state that they were at when it was applied. They both get (medium) attack boosts but are silenced before then. Can be used to cheat death with proper use.

[Warp] Gold
Every 6 seconds, Zero gains a 90% chance to dodge attacks for 4 seconds. If she dodged anything in those 4 seconds her next shots gain (medium) damage boosts. Cant dodge gravity based attacks, diseases/debuffs, or burns.

[Frozen Dial] Platinum
When this hero is under 50% health, every 20 seconds, she stops time to take a break, and recover (good) amounts of health.

Sorry if this gets pushed to the top because of me editing this. It really bothers me because i cant stand to see it looking rushed, but here is what im hoping is the final result.