New hero idea — Chronos the time warper

Faction: mechanic
Position: frontline

Chronos is a character who can manipulate projectiles and attacks in unique ways.

Bronze: Bullet Time, all projectiles Aimed at him are slowed by 50% and he gains 5% evasion chance when moving
Silver: Time Travel, he creates a marker at his spot and teleports to any previous marker made, destroying it. He restores up to 30% of cover, some health, and reloads his weapon
Gold: Time mastery, whenever he uses a skill all allies skill cooldown are reduced by 5%
Platinum: deja vu, If an ally kills an opponent with a skill they execute the skill again with damage reduced by 50%


I like the time-theme of this hero, something definitely lacking. It would actually be cool if he could swap places with a certain hero to get closer or further away depending on his need.

ah yes. its called abusing frontlines

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Trying to figure out how the bronze would actually work. what if the enemy shots are fired at him, and slowed, but then he moves out of the way, would they speed back up? or would they still be slow and if an ally moves to where he was would they get shot?

I think the easiest way to program it would be to have any projectiles keep their slow speed, or maybe within a radius of this character.