New Hero Concept: Apocalypse

Armed Warmachine
Desc: A heavy armed battle robot. A powerful attacker, able to fight and defeat multiple enemies at once.
Bronze: Heavy Mortar - Fires a barrage of artillery shells over 5 seconds, damaging enemies and their cover in the target area.
Silver: Missile Barrage: Fires a salvo of missiles at all enemies in the target area. One random enemy will be hit by a extra missile pair.
Gold: Incendiary Rounds: Whenever this hero damages an enemy with his basic attack, he has a chance to launch one salvo of Heavy mortar which will damage one random enemy. Cannot proc more than once per reload.
Platinum: I Keep Improving: When this hero kills an enemy, he gains x bonus damage for x seconds. Also when this hero does not attack or is not attacked for x seconds, he slowly regains health.
Weapon: Armageddon Heavy Machine Guns (x2)
Faction: KLG Black Ops
Element: Mechanical
All Systems Green. Initiating Protocol: Destroy
A war machine originally developed by the UAF under Wesson, until Kurtz managed to steal and reprogram him. However, fears of the machine gaining self-awareness caused it to be shelved. Until recently