New Hero Concept: M.I.R.V - Multi Weapon Sistem

Element: Mechanic
Faction: Airbone UAF

Hp 3/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 2/5

Acquired Objective

Support - Massive Suppression Fire
A large robot with 4 arms armed with a sophisticated weaponry, initially designed as an anti-aircraft defense


Bronze: Anti Air Turret - The hero turns into a turret by deploying all four machine guns.

  • remains transformed for 15 seconds
  • Infinite ammunition capacity and increased damage, but slightly decreased accuracy
  • the hero cannot move in this state

Silver: OMEGA Shield Generator - deploys a personal shield that boosts and expands the original coverage.

  • while active, the shield constantly repairs the cover, but consumes its own health
  • If the cover is destroyed, the shield disappears after 3 seconds.
  • If the original cover has already been destroyed, when you active the skill, it will have half of its health and will slowly rebuild the destroyed cover.

Gold: SAM - When shooting, the hero has a 30% chance of firing a rocket that automatically points to the target.

  • When turned into a turret, he can shoot 4 in a row.

Platinum: Anti-aircraft Artillery - When the target is missed, bullets have a 50% chance of exploding and causing damage in a small area causing extra damage.

Appearance:is a heavily armed robot with four arms (fully articulated), metallic grey with black parts and details in yellow (red when transformed)

his weapons, lovingly called “the four knights of the apocalypse” are four large heavy machine guns of big caliber (in basic form deploys only two).
shooting rate: 5.50
ammunition capacity: 50 (25 per gun)
recharge time: 3 seconds
damage: medium

A bit of Backstory:
have been built about fifty of these robots, have the reputation of being a turning point for the devastating weapons of the army of Kurtz, literally annihilating his air forces.
The problems came when the first prototype of the Helio was deployed.
In fact, that plane was too fast for the weapon targeting system and the SAM missiles were easily divertible.
That one plane destroyed or severely damaged 49 M.I.R.V.
Only one survived and was immediately set aside to upgrade it.
When the upgrades were over, that single robot cost too much to deploy and it was decided to keep it only for “extremely extreme” occasions.


The OMEGA generator shield only increases the coverage.
When the original cover is damaged, the omega shield uses its health to repair it.
If it suffers too much damage and is destroyed, the omega shield disappears on its own after 3 seconds.
If the original cover has already been destroyed, when you place the shield, it will have half of its health and will slowly rebuild the destroyed cover.


Nice, I was thinking about a hero with that kinda skills (a large machine gun instead of turrets, and a physical shield instead of cover)
I guess you’ve refined the idea better than I did, this is a hero I want!

Nice concept. He would be overpowered

It’s like Galante’s roid-raging cousin! Seriously, great concept :clap:t5:

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The Platinum ability is pretty interesting. I wonder if the best strat for him WOULD be to miss your target to get that AOE damage instead.