New Hero Idea: Nova

Anything italicized is a variable

Nova: Klg Technician
Rear-Line Energy
Disruptor/Crowd Control
Klg BlackOps/Irregulars
Sniper Rifle: Apollo
Health/Defensive Ratings: 2/5
Damage Rating: 4/5
Base Crit rate: 10%
Firing Rate: 1/shot per second
Clip Size: 4
Reload Speed: 3 seconds

Anonymous klg spy who broke into both the Magistrate and Uaf maineframes. Trained in taking out technological threats, while still being able to keep up in one on one combat with even panzer by sabotaging the opponent.

[BlackOut] Bronze
Nova charges up for 3 seconds, then releases energy as an EMP, dealing modest energy damage, but rendering all passive abilities useless for 7 seconds. Destroys all drones, holograms and shields. Starts with 85% charge. Can be knocked out of while charging, canceling the attack completely.

[DataMine] Silver
Quickly throws a thin electrical sapper at a target. If it hits, drain two ammo every second, and deal mild energy damage over time. Deals heavy damage over time to shields. Lasts forever but only one can be out at a time.

[MagnetJammer] Gold
Whenever this hero shoots an enemy affected by [BlackOut], he has a 65% chance to deplete all their ammo and deal medium damage based on how many bullets they had in stock.

[FileTransfer] Platinum
Enemies affected by sapper charge Nova, slowing their skill charge by 50% and boosting Nova’s skill charge 50%. Nova deals heavier energy damage while in this charged state.

Bronze destroys any swarmer or shielder teams. Silver fully counters panzer the moment she is hit by it and struck by gold at the same time. They ruin easily dogface, as well. I have been doing alot of disruptor type hero ideas lately.

Too similar to min with a touch of sentry and pris? Too Crazy? Please tell me, any and all feedback is appreciated.

I like it but bronze skill might be to powerful if kills all drones and holograms. Data mine would be unfair if it lasted forever but I like the concept of draining ammo overtime

Datamine was supposed to be similar to surges gravity well in which throwing out a second destroys the first one. It can still be purged if someone like heim is on the field. But it does need a slight rework, like drain 3 every 2 seconds to keep the same effect while not removing percents of ammo. Bronze is pretty unfair so ill need to tone it down a LOT, so instead of completely destroying technology based spawns and shields, itll just do 5X damage, since its base damage isnt too great.

Edit: Forgot to mention, but the Ammo Drain hurts Panzer the most due to how her unique reload works, heros with low ammo like nightingale are also ######.

Datamine would make nightingale, Moss, and Oro useless since they only have 1 shot. I would either think it would need to reduced ammo clip size by 50-75% ( clip size can not reduced below 1) or not allow ammo to be drained below 1.