New Hero Concept: Black Angler - High Pression Destroyer

Element: Energy
Faction: Bandits
Position: Frontline

Hp 1/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 5/5

I got this name from my favorite abysmal fish.
Trust me, they’re bloody terrifying.

Controller - Heavy Support - DOT - Heavy Hitter
Former professor, scientist and professional sub who, through various ultra technological devices created by him, can modify the pressure of the atmosphere around him at will.

Bronze: Pressurized Bubble - traps enemy heads in pressurized air bubbles.
enemies will constantly suffer damage that will increase over time, in the long run some enemies can also suffer dizziness, disorientation and there is a 5% chance of instant death from suffocation.

  • Bubbles remain active for 12sec, but can be destroyed earlier by the Allies themselves if they shoot at them.

Silver: Under Pression - increases the pressure of the atmosphere for 8sec.
All enemies will be slowed down by 70% and sometimes they will also be blocked and crushed suffering severe damage.

  • Enemies that were lifted will be crashed to the ground and suffer more X damage.

Gold: Depressurized - when a skill ends, all enemies have a 65% chance of suffering root, disorientation or constant damage over time for 4sec.

Platinum: Challenger Deep - all enemies will suffer slight damage over time throughout the game.
As long as the hero is above 70% health, skill damage will be multiplied x2.

  • After the hero’s death, [Challenger Deep] will get a boost by increasing damage over time every second, with a 10% chance of causing Disorientation and/or Blocking.

Appearance: is a Spanish man in his mid-40s.
He’s wearing a black diving suit with blue lines.
He has a weight belt, iron shoes and four oxygen tanks.

His Weapon: the “Hunter of the Abyss”, is a harpoon rifle.
It is very accurate and causes a lot of damage, but the rate is very low, it is very slow to load and has only one ammunition (the harpoon).

shooting rate : 3
ammunition capacity : 1
recharge time : 2.1 sec
damage : Hit Like a Truck


I wish I could draw lol. Very nice ;).

Looks amazing man, great effort in it

Like the idea of a skill that forces allies to shoot their teammates to save them. Mostly cause it would be funny to see klayton miss completely and destroy his teammates cover :joy:

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I like this a lot…very interesting and I wish concepts could be implemented in the game

Omg yes hahaha, that would be on my bucket list to see