New Hero Concept: Diver - Abyssal Worker

7 :star: Hero Concept

Element: Energy Icon_ElementEnergy
Factions: Shoremans Shoremen
Position: Frontline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 5/5

Why did I design this suit so big? I can barely move…
It’ll be easy, Ched. Underwater you’ll move like lightning, Ched. That’s easy to say when you’re not wearing this tin bunker.
How can that Cast be comfortable in that suit all day? Doesn’t he ever have to go to the bathroom?
I can’t even bend over and he’s running and jumping like a jackrabbit.
I should’ve listened to mum… Stay stupid and keep your head down or you’ll find yourself in the abyss.


  • Ched Talligam, a former KLG engineer, was working on a side project of Marianas that involved the manipulation of artificial tides and anomalous waves through a satellite and a suit.
  • Feeling lost after the disappearance of Kurtz and betrayed by some internal events, he decided to steal the suit and the satellite’s laptop.
  • Because of the large suit, he was mistaken by Cast for one of the Shoremans and forced (despite himself) to join them.
  • Now at home, he acts as a link between the various tribes by working with or for them, and is the only one who manages to get along with everyone without generating wars every half second.

Tidal Wave
A tidal wave submerges the entire battlefield for 30sec.
Underwater all movement is reduced by 70%, bullets speed is reduced by 25% reducing also the damage, weapon accuracy and general visibility will be reduced by 30%.

  • Anyone not wearing a mask will suffer constant suffocation Icon_ElementEnergy damage that will increase steadily.

Mask and tube
The hero throws a respirator at all allies without allowing them to handle themselves better underwater.

  • out of the water the respirators can protect against poisonous gases, but will be destroyed in 3 sec.

Being underwater offers both advantages and disadvantages.

  • All solid projectiles such as grenades, rockets and bombs will have a reduction in speed and accuracy by 20%.
  • Electric attacks will be increased by 500% but will affect both enemies and allies.
  • Lasers will have their damage reduced by 10%.
  • Any incendiary attacks will be cancelled immediately.
  • Medical cures will disperse in water reducing the effects but curing both allies and enemies

Tsunami of Debris
When [Tidal Wave] is activated, water can drag along debris of various sizes that will hit both allies and enemies causing X to X damage for the entire duration of the ability.

King of the Abyss
The water is both the home and the hunting ground of the hero.
Underwater, the hero gets a 50% health and damage boost, 70% chance to dodge damage, each successful critical hit regains X health

Ched is a very small but robust man.
the suit is a mechanised atmospheric diver suit, it is mainly a large cylinder tube with a glass dome reinforced at the head.

His Weapon: MB Mining Rifle
is a large compact automatic shotgun with three rotating barrels and a bullpup disc magazine.
Was one of the spare rifles, hastily fixed up and “gifted” to Diver by Keel.
It has a fast reload, the bullet rose is very tight and it has plenty of ammo, but it has very low damage and a very high rate of fire that is difficult to control.

Class: Shotgun
Fire Rate: 18.30
Ammunition capacity: 22
Reload Speed: 0.9 sec
Damage: Very Low

Diver has 3 skins.
The default appearance, the common Submarine and the rare plus Pirate Ghost.

All icons are taken from around the forum and


Global effects seem really cool. A literal way to change the battlefield.
And the concept art😍 it’s so flarking cool!

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