New hero concept: Burgundy

Burgundy was born of paint, of a magical brush made by a wizard psychopath. Now he wanders with a similar insanity, killing innocents in his wake. Some say he may have a glimmer of humanity, but others say they are misled by his little smile and his simple design. Regardless, people know the name and fear his trademark red paint. Both heroes and villains alike fear and want to stop him, but have been unsuccessful.

Position: frontline
Faction: bio
Weapon: hand drawn pistol

Bronze, Painted Shot: he paints his current spot, and will shoot from there automatically whenever he is behind cover or moving. After ten seconds, the paint is depleted and shot at the nearest opponent for elemental damage.

Silver, Merciless Slaughter: he paints a spot occupied by an opponent, then after three seconds teleports there and tries to damage that painted spot for extreme damage. If he kills an opponent then he gains health.

Gold, Painted Power: while there is paint on the battlefield, he has x armor.

Platinum, Writing On the ground: whenever Burgundy lays down paint he gains a chance of evasion for limited time and gives allies a small attack boost