New Hero Suggestion - Messy the Propaganda Artist (Graffiti Artist)


Propaganda Artist (Graffiti Artist)
Faction: Magistrates

Lore: Dogface’s Nephew who was orphaned due to the fighting taken place. Crafty just like his uncle who raised him. Plays pranks, Rebel for the cause, has fun, only out for revenge. Draws propaganda around the City to create a resistance against Kurt. Could be Maven’s bf. Has a tat on his neck of Maven’s name.

[PvP] Counters Against: Caine, Panzer, Mandrake, and balances the “auto player” advantage of targeting invisible heroes

Hero synergy: Heimlock, Phoenix or any hero that can debuff. Mauler and others can’t think of at the moment.

Paint the Town- [Red Paint]
Similar to his Uncle’s extra damage from accelerator Rail. Adds an attachment to his gun. Adding a poisonous paint to his ammunition dealing extra [bio] damage. And target hero is hit with paint becomes visible during the match.

Art of War - [Green Paint or Mavens paints]
Messy throws and shoots a spray can at a group of enemies dealing [Bio] damage causing targets to be staggered and disoriented. Entire enemy team [minimum 3, max 5 heroes affected depending proximity of the heroes to the initial target. Also depending which map was being played, smaller map = high chance of effected] to be splattered in paint For 30 seconds.

The timing/cd of this skill would be as quick as panzer’s beginning of match skill. Paint on the heroes would make the invisible, visible, to the team. Paint would appear as a debuff. Heimlock heals would counter, Pheonix crit shots erase etc. bringing some new and old combos to play.

Artist’s Pride -
For each hero that is splattered with paint, This hero gains X amount of health and X [energy] resistance.

Tagged Up -
This hero does more X [normal] damage to heroes with paint on them. Stacks 5 times. 15% more to crit and stagger against a hero who has been covered in paint.

This hero would be be my answer to taking mandrake off of 95% of teams, and adding a decent bio chem attacker to the line ups.

If you do decide to use some of my ideas, would like some credit. Like the hero at 10* please lol


This hero sounds pretty awesome, I like how you’ve themed everything around paint and a very clear gameplay direction. I also love how you gave Dogface a graffiti artist nephew. Just one more thing for the old man to be irrationally upset about.

Even more when there are a lot of “Beware of Dogface” grafitti over some maps.

It sounds like a prank from the kid

Really like this idea personally. Whole concept.

My only thing with the showing invis is, it would depend how it works. Would it just make the paint invis? A mist that you could see them moving through might work better. Really don’t know how a character using mist would work though.

Edit: Hmm, maybe the paint is a mist? Edit: Bah, make it sit on the ground and continue spraying into n area for a certain length of time.