New Hero Concept: Rider - Living Hazard

Element: Mech
Faction: Bandits
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 0/5
Damage 5/5
Skill 5/5

What ya’ looking at?
Wanna loose ya’ head!?

Crazy maniac - unpredictable destroyer - DOT/DPS - No Armor
A madman walking around half-naked and covered in the bones of who knows what.
He terrorizes everyone everywhere he goes and kills in cold blood anyone who dares to stare at him… and not.

Bronzo: Rocket Saw - Throw a rocket-powered chainsaw at enemies.
the trajectory of the rocket is very random, it can hit the target, deviate missing the target or come back hitting the allies or the hero himself.
If the saw hits the target, it will stick to the target, stun it and cause X damage over time for 4sec and then explode causing more X damage in a very small area.

Silver: Unity Makes Strength - The hero combines his weapons creating a rifle with massive destructive potential with a very high rate and a lot of ammunition.

  • Being a very powerful weapon is also dangerous and difficult to use, the automatic fire increases the spread of bullets and the recoil causes damage to the hero.

Gold: Paint Black Doors in Red - Every time the hero suffers damage he has a 75% chance of activating [Paint Black Doors in Red] getting a huge boost to health and normal weapons damage, at the expense of a significant reduction in accuracy and 50% chance of failing the weapons reloading.

Platinum: Where’s ya Looking at!? - As long as the hero is alive, all enemies will suffer costant damage over time for the duration of the game.
Enemies that directly target the hero will take x3 damage from him.

Appearance: he’s a short man.
he’s got ridge hair with green ends.
he’s half-naked, wearing only a belt around his chest, blue cargo pants and a pair of red running shoes.
He also wears welding goggles, an orange bandana with a toothed mouth depicted, a pair of fingerless gloves and elbow pads.

His Weapons: “Doctor Doctor” are a couple of light machine guns.
They have a medium rate of fire, high damage and medium ammo.
When they are fused together they turn into a powerful double-barreled machine gun, the rate of fire, damage and ammunition is doubled.

shooting rate : 5.50
ammunition capacity : 50 (25 per gun)
recharge time : 1 sec
damage : High

When Fused:
shooting rate : 10.10
ammunition capacity : 100
recharge time : 2 sec
damage : Higher