New Hero Concept: Claus - Serial Phobiologist

Element: Biochem
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

it’s all too easy.
Easy to dodge bullets, easy to survive… you get shot, a doctor comes, you’re cured in three seconds and you’re better… it’s too boring.
Let me go with you… and I promise I’ll spice things up.

Psychopathic support - phobiologist - causer of random negative effects

  • A doctor who in turn has severe mental problems ranging from empathic cynicism to manipulation of weaker minds.
  • He’s stubborn, nothing affects him but at the same time he doesn’t notice what’s going on around him.
  • He plays dumb and when everyone turns their backs on him… he starts having fun.

Bronze: Phobias - puts the target into a psychic state by paralyzing them for 1sec.
After that, the target can suffer Slowdown, Block, Aim Precision Reduction, Reload Speed Reduction, Rooted, Disorientation, Heal Block, Lifted, Stun for 3sec, Stagger, slight but constant damage over time for 6sec or a massive single damage.

  • the target can suffer one, multiple or all negative effects at the same time or suffer nothing at all.

Silver: Boo - makes enemies believe they have eliminated him by falling to the ground and remaining invisible for 2sec.
After that he will throw a powerful scream that will terrify all enemies for 1sec.

  • [Boo] has a 2% chance of instantly kill an enemy if already suffering [Phobias].

Gold: Side Effects - when using [Phobia], there’s a 5% chance of propagating the negative effects to closer enemies.

  • The possibility of propagation increases to 30% if the enemies close to the target have less than 30% healt or already suffer from a negative effect.

Platinum: Self-Suggestion - at the start of each game the hero can self-suggest by allowing himself to reduce incoming damage from the strongest element, cause twice as much damage to all elements and become immune to any negative effects given by enemies.

  • The counter-effects of [Self-Suggestion] are reduced armor, maximum health by 50% and reduces the effectiveness of allied healing abilities by 75%.
  • the activation of [Self-Suggestion] is completely random.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a middle-aged man.
He is not a beautiful person.
He is bald but with greyish hair on the sides, he has a long and unkempt whitish beard with greenish ends, he is robust but has a big belly, his whole body is full of abrasions, cuts and scars.
He wears goggles, a bleached green sweater, black doctor’s pants, black shoes and a long lab coat with a few spots here and there of dubious origin.

His Weapon: “A Little By Day” is a tranquilizer rifle, but given its size and weight, it’s defined as a carbine.
it has a very fast rate of fire and good accuracy, but the reload is slow even though it has only one bullet and the crosshairs reticle closes very slowly, does not emit sound when it fires.
Class: Rifle
Shooting rate : 8.75
ammunition capacity : 1
recharge time : 1.9 sec
damage : Mediocre


ho ho ho merry christmas

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I’m curious as to what Hindrance means in the bronze skill. I also like the silver deception skill, but wonder how effective ti would be against AI enemies.

The ai generally can’t see invisible enemies. It’s the human players who notice the outlines.

Hinder, obstacle, obstruct… the translator always change my words into something else but its that.

Its just a… hmm… a boop, lil’ stoppy, Sentry’s gold skill.


The word you are searching for is stagger.


A 3 second long stagger is something else, super slow mo. Also, what is Blockage and Precision Reduction? Perhaps blockage is like constipation but even worse.

My insanity was reaching inhuman level for finding that word.

Its just a movements block and an aim reduction.