Hero Concept: Klaus

SEND IN THE CLOWNS!!! Nobody will expect a clown to do the dirty work, they just think it is entertainment until it’s too late. Have a balloon animal while you wait. Juggling grenades? That’s new. Whatever the case, you are sure to die with a smile :grin:

Element: Mech

Weapon: Ak-47

Bronze: Buzzer (lunges at the enemy and hits em with a buzzer, doing damage over a period of 8 seconds. Leaves the target disoriented)
Silver: Pie bomb (throws a pie at the targets face. Explodes upon impact. Is it cherry? Raspberry?)
Gold: Balloons (from time to time, Balloons will float towards an enemy. Upon popping, it will create a random debuff)
Plat: scoring critical hits has a chance to ignore shields.
Ruby: description

Description: wanted him to look like a simple clown. Wanted to draw it, but atm I just don’t have the time for it (personal reasons). I have an idea for it though.

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Hmm… Mechs… Interesting

Is this hero a 5 star or more?Want to see a 7 star hero…