New Hero Concept: Curse - Corrupted Warrior

Element: Biochem
Faction: SAR 112
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

I have the power of MEMES
Support - DOT - Granadier (and also blind)
A robot designed to quickly break through enemy defenses.
It was perfect until the programmers made a terrible mistake…
They connected him to the INTERNET.

Bronze: Blind Throw - Start throwing a large amount of grenades at the enemy camp, hitting all enemies but in a completely random way.

  • Grenades explode on contact with the enemy or after 2 seconds.
  • The accuracy of the launch is completely random, 65% of the grenades will hit areas without enemies.
  • The accuracy increases slightly when the enemies decrease.

Silver: Green Tsunami - releases a wave of green liquid that will hit all enemies and after its passage will create a large pool of that liquid that will cause damage over time to all enemies affected and will corrode all covers.

  • When the hero activates Blind Throw, the enemies hit by the grenades will suffer extra damage from them, but the hero will lose a little health with each launch.

Gold: Toxic Rage - When the hero drops below 50% of health, will activate a shield that will turn 200% of incoming damage into extra health until it fills the health bar, but has a limit of XX accumulable health.

  • The shield lasts 4 sec.
  • If the extra health exceeds the accumulated limit, the hero will die exploding damaging nearby enemies.

Platinum: Acidified Battery - when the hero suffers damage, the enemy who has damaged him will suffer “acidified”.
The enemy will suffer slight damage over time which will increase until it changes target.

  • When the enemy changes target, the “acidified” effect will end after 3 seconds

is a very slim little robot with a light yellow armor.
On the hips and shoulders has 2 pairs of grenades and has a tank on the back.

His Weapons:
The “Double Trouble” are a pair of medium caliber assault rifles, with a high rate of fire and high damage, but extremely low accuracy
shooting rate: 7.29
ammunition capacity: 50 (25 per weapon)
recharge time: 1.6 seconds
damage: Medium

A bit of Backstory:
It had to be a breakthrough robot, but during programming one of the programmers accidentally connected it to the internet downloading an infinity of viruses and other heavy stuff that woke up the robot, going crazy for the huge amount of information and memes and then escaping from the lab destroying everything.
Then reappeared as a member of an unknown faction, is more stable, but does not make it seem.

On a personal level, Curse seems to have managed to create his own personality.
The only problem is that the memes have turned him into the robotic version of Deadpool.


Toxic Rage - the hero can accumulate extra health until he exceeds the accumulated limit, i.e. his maximum health.
Example: The maximum health is at 500k, when the health reaches 250k the skill is activated by creating the shield that absorbs the incoming damage by curing the missing 250k.
if the extra health increases outside the maximum health, the hero explodes for overload.
Blind Throwing is a powerful skill, but when Curse starts throwing grenades it is easier to miss targets than to catch them, although the aim increases when there are fewer enemies don’t count on it too much.
But there is good that being grenades, they do area damage.


hey im Corrupt! you cant steal that!


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