New Hero Concept: Nanodust - Collective Mind

Element: Mech
Faction: Mercenaries
Position: Frontline

Hp 3/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

Defining it as a “single being” is extremely reductive.
- random person.

Offensive/defensive support - Buff/Debuff - balanced mix

  • a huge swarm of billions of self-aware nanobots that have taken control of an old endoskeleton.
  • These nanobots are virtually indestructible and immortals, they can shelter or recreate themselves from nothing, but they still need a host body in order to function.
  • They came out of nowhere, no one knows who created them or how and why they made so many.

Bronze: Nano Destroyers - the hero releases a swarm of nanobots that swarms all enemies, covers and generated troops.
Enemies will suffer from heavy armor reduction, movement speed, slow regression of skill energy and a high chance of failing to recharge the weapon.
Generate troops and covers will suffer constant damage until their destruction.

  • While [Nano Destroyers] is in action, the hero will have fewer nanobots protecting the endoskeleton leaving it exposed to damage.

Silver: Nano Protector - the hero releases some of his nanobots into the allied field.
Allies will be protected by the hero’s nanobots, increasing their speed of movement and a small chance to instantly recharge their weapons.

  • If an ally is attacked while [Nano Protector] is active, the nanobots will absorb 100% of the damage leaving the allies unharmed, but that damage will be converted back to the hero.

Gold: Critical self-repair action - when the hero is below 30%, [Nano destroyer] or [Nano Protector] are active, he will begin a self-repair process that will consume the armor of a nearby ally, the health of a nearby turret/drone or the health of his own cover to recover health for himself up to 60% or for 12sec.

Platinum: Useful Even When Dead - When the hero suffers or causes damage, small amounts of nanobots will attack allies and enemies giving small Buff or Debuff.
If the endoskeleton is destroyed, all nanobots will disperse through the field giving huge buff or debuff of various kinds.

  • only engineers can repair the hero’s endoskeleton by staying in that arena for 15sec.

Ruby: Tanked Up

Appearance: the hero has three aspects.
The basic appearance, the single nanobot, is a small sphere of a mysterious ultra-light alloy with 3 rhomboid-shaped fins.
The secondary aspect, the endoskeleton, is similar to an animatron, but with fewer parts and much simpler.
The tertiary aspect, the complete one, is of a completely tar black body, always moving and with two bright red eyes.

His Weapon: the “Nano Cannon”.
is not a weapon in itself but a direct extension of the body formed by the nanobots themselves.
It fires projectiles made from scrap metal fused and compacted together.
It has a low rate of fire, 1 bullet, fast reload, good accuracy and medium damage.

Class: Special
Shooting rate : 3.45
ammunition capacity : 1
recharge time : 0.7 sec
damage : Medium


Hmmm… Awesome… MECH

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Great idea. Good design. Could not imagine it being any better